Optimize Operations While Growing Your Network

Rail Infrastructure Management

Whether you are a network manager or a railway infrastructure contractor, DELMIA Quintiq empowers you to maximize capacity and make intelligent, financially sound decisions for operations, maintenance and growth.

Network Management

DELMIA Quintiq supports you in the wide-ranging and complex task of railway network planning. The solution covers every aspect of projects and maintenance, capacity management and traffic control, encompassing long, medium, short and up-to-the-minute decision. It takes into account rules, changing legislation and labor laws to create plans that stand up to stakeholder scrutiny for efficiency, sustainability and responsible use of public funds.

All-horizon Planning

Generate strategic, tactical and operational plans network-wide with a single, integrated platform.


Gain full visibility of current and future operations.

Scenario Planning

Simulate alternative scenarios to prepare for disruptions and make investment decisions.


Respond to unplanned events in real time to minimize the impact of disruptions.

Network Capacity Optimization

Increase your operational efficiency by optimizing rail network capacity and identifying and overcoming operational conflicts.




Opt for a scalable solution that grows with your needs and network.

Infrastructure Management Contracting

DELMIA Quintiq’s integrated and adaptive planning solution enables you generate plans that take into account the unique challenges railway infrastructure contractors face, such as geography, or last-minute events like bad weather and fragmented work windows. Plan for the long term and then, when circumstances change, make the necessary updates in real time:

Bidding Support

Analyze how well new projects fit into your capacity plan in terms of specific resource availability to bid on projects that are both feasible and profitable.

Disruption Management

React swiftly to changes and transmit updated plans directly to your team’s mobile devices.

KPI-based Planning

Explore the impact of planning decisions on KPIs and make decisions that enable you to achieve your business goals.

Centralized Planning

Plan employee schedules, asset management, logistics and maintenance with a single integrated solution.

Planned Maintenance

Evaluate different maintenance regimes for their effects on the rest your operations.


Obtain company-wide visibility into operations from the strategic level down to the operational level.

Intelligent Resource Pairing

Ensure optimal performance by matching employee skill sets to the job and equipment.