Optimize Operations While Growing Your Network

Today's transportation industries are facing a massive revolution. Rail infrastructure companies are at the forefront of this surge in demand for more sustainable, safe and convenient rail connections. Facing the complex challenge to maintain aging existing infrastructure while modernizing, electrifying and expanding rail infrastructure across urban, high-speed and long distance transportation means there is no room for overly complex, error-prone and non-integrated old practices. To be competitive today and exceed service expectations you need to be in full control to ensure the right employees and machines are in the right place at the right time, always.

Driving the Transformation of Rail Infrastructure

Whether you are a network manager or a railway infrastructure contractor, DELMIA helps you manage the challenges in Rail Infrastructure and gain value via optimized planning. It empowers you to maximize capacity and make intelligent, financially sound decisions. This includes support to optimize network capacity, operations, infrastructure maintenance planning and growth.

Network Management

DELMIA supports you in the wide-ranging and complex task of railway network planning. The solution covers every aspect of projects and maintenance, network bandwidth management and traffic control. It encompasses long, medium, short and up-to-the-minute decisions. With it, you can take into account rules, changing legislation and labor laws. This will help to create plans that stand up to stakeholder scrutiny for efficiency, sustainability and responsible use of public funds.

All-horizon Planning

Generate network-wide strategic, tactical and operational plans with a single, integrated platform.


Gain full visibility of the supply chain as well as current and future operations.

Scenario Planning

Simulate alternative scenarios to prepare for disruptions and make investment decisions.


Respond to unplanned events in real time to minimize the impact of disruptions.

Network Capacity Optimization

Increase operational efficiency by optimizing rail network capacity and identifying and overcoming operational conflicts.


Leverage a scalable cloud-based solution that grows with your needs and network.

Infrastructure Management Contracting

DELMIA’s integrated and adaptive planning solution enables you generate plans that take into account the unique challenges railway infrastructure contractors face, such as geography, or last-minute events like bad weather and fragmented work windows. Plan for the long term and then, when circumstances change, make the necessary updates in real time:

Cope with Market Growth and Demand

It is critical that you have a transparent planning process that is fully aligned with the needs of the market. You need to be able to cope with the increased number of services requested by passenger and freight operators. This is particularly critical in the highly uncertain freight market where last-minute requests for track availability are common.

Monitor and Manage Disruptions in Real Time

You need real-time monitoring and disruption management to be able to roll out scenarios in case of disruptions, assign trains to routes within a railway station, and resolve (or better yet, reduce) disruptions effectively to maintain customer service levels – yours as well as your operators’. A perfect fit for your needs.

Increase the Involvement of Operating Companies

Operators require visibility of railway capacity and access to real-time information so that they can effectively respond to disruptions – for instance, to reroute or cancel a service if a track is closed for maintenance.

Help Operating Companies be Effective

Operators, both regulated and deregulated, require support from the infrastructure owner to cope with increasing pressure to provide on-time, efficient and predictable transport services.