Maximize Profit with Demand-Based Planning

Rail Freight Operations

DELMIA Quintiq helps you rein in costs by maximizing train utilization and operational flexibility – and ultimately, improve your ability to win and retain contracts. The solution supports you in balancing conflicting demands – clients expect your services to be reliable, affordable and traceable; shareholders expect you to maximize shareholder return; employees expect you to accommodate their personal needs and preferences; safety regulators expect you to comply with labor regulations. It enables you to overcome some of the biggest challenges facing operators today such as last-minute orders, seasonal fluctuations and day-of-operations disruptions.

Key features and benefits include:

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Create Demand Plans Based on Forecasts

Balance short-term rail freight orders with long-term rail track capacity. DELMIA Quintiq lets you create better long-term demand plans with the support of an extensive library of forecasting algorithms and visibility on your current contracts and order history. Get operational plans that can be managed with minimal deviations and optimized utilization.

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Compare and Select the Best Scenarios

No matter your next move, whether it’s responding to a 15% demand increase, the operational feasibility of another train movement or the financial viability of that customer consignment, predict its consequences and measure its impact on your operations — all in a matter of minutes.

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Enhance Schedule Flexibility and Accuracy

Plan last-minute orders with minimal impact to your operational plans. DELMIA Quintiq tracks information from infrastructure managers, order systems as well as other key sources, and automatically propagates any changes to keep all your schedules up to date and free of conflicts.

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Maximize Revenues with Dynamic Pricing

DELMIA Quintiq platform analyzes your company’s historical pricing data and accounts for current market fluctuations, train utilization, customer demand, price sensitivity and other critical factors to arm your sales representatives and pricing consultants with the most profitable quotes, every time.

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Increase Utilization and Reduce Empty Kilometers

DELMIA Quintiq lets you integrate planning of key functions to optimize the capacity of all your assets and prevent underutilization. End-to-end operational visibility enables you to improve cost control and ROI on your assets.