Operations Intelligence for Foundry

Improve Foundry Efficiency

Does your business struggle with understanding and preventing manufacturing defects?

DELMIA's Operations Intelligence for Foundry solution is an execution and production intelligence solution that enables companies to optimize their foundry shop floor processes and improve product quality.

Improve Foundry Efficiency & Quality

DELMIA’s Transportation and Mobility Operations Intelligence solution provides material and process specialists with rules be extracted from the data that explain the reason for defects both in daily production and ramp-up. Rule generation is a patented algorithm that can discover hidden relationships between records and is useful for process experts without required knowledge in math and statistics.

  • Reduce scrap for products in production by evaluating and understanding the influence of foundry process parameters to extract hidden root causes of failure from production data
  • Minimize time to market when introducing new products by qualifying the key parameters of the foundry process to reduce the number of iterations needed during the ramp-up phase
  • Formalize process knowledge with a closed-loop, continuous improvement process that increases the understanding of the interactions between dies, material and foundry process parameters

DELMIA Transportation & Mobility Operations Intelligence for Foundry Users:

  • Material and Process Specialists

Material & Process Specialist