Industry Solutions for Manufacturing

Transportation & Mobility

DELMIA helps manufacturers in the automotive and rail industry transform their operations to become agile and intelligent. Powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, our range of solutions are developed with a thorough understanding of the automotive and rail industry’s toughest challenges. As such, they enable manufacturers of passenger vehicles, heavy trucks, buses or trains, as well as other types of transportation, to maximize agility and flexibility across the disciplines of planning and scheduling, digital manufacturing and operations execution.

Manufacturing engineers can leverage DELMIA’s Industrial Engineering solutions to plan and validate operational processes in 3D virtual spaces. With automotive supply chain planning and optimization, we help them enhance their manufacturing processes to accelerate New Product Introduction (NPI) launch plans. This includes optimizing planning for raw materials sourcing and management as well as inventory management. In addition, our solutions help drive lean manufacturing and automotive lean production run to reduce lead times, inventory and waste.

Those responsible for Manufacturing & Operations will gain real-time visibility, control and synchronization of global production performance and quality. This spans within and across Fabrication, Body, Paint and Final Assembly as well as component operations for both ICE and EV batteries. DELMIA’s Planning & Optimization solutions offer transparency throughout the value network made up of plants, resources, customers, partners and suppliers across the globe. Users can analyze in real time the impact of every decision on KPIs to continuously find ways to improve manufacturing and operations.

On-target Vehicle Launch

Disruptive changes are sweeping across the automotive industry, particularly with the rise of electric autonomous and connected vehicles which spur global and regional program transformation. Manufacturers now need a flexible virtual platform to support multi-energy powertrains and produce vehicles on target.

Powered the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, On-Target Vehicle Launch solutions enable industry leaders to parallelize product and process engineering, confirm resources earlier and optimize ramp-up. Validate vehicle production processes virtually with confidence before engaging investment, and quickly explore optimal manufacturing and production alternatives.  

Efficient Multi-energy Platform

Growing policies are seeing global demands for electric vehicles, and hybrid or ICE-based cars. During this transition, automotive OEMs need to manage the development and production of both electric and ICE vehicles concurrently.

From engineering to virtual simulation, gain the capabilities to conquer these challenges with the 3DEXPERIENCE® Efficient Multi-Energy Platform. Discover how you can manage efficient multi-energy platforms to provide your customers with exceptional driving experiences, while fulfilling regulations.  

Lean Production Run

Lean Production Run delivers comprehensive planning and scheduling capabilities at enterprise, plant and line levels. This end-to-end solution seamlessly supports digital continuity across all aspects of manufacturing operations—from production to performance management. It integrates each planning horizon in a single scalable, flexible platform, connecting plants to the enterprise. Global manufacturers, and their extended value chain, are empowered to respond quickly to shifts in strategy, changing market conditions and disruptions.  

Bid to Win

Powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, Bid to Win is an integrated solution that provides industry leaders and suppliers a centralized ‘single source of the truth’. With it, they can coordinate multi-site projects, development changes, product data and requirements management.  Teams are equipped with industry-proven capabilities and processes to analyze opportunities and win optimal new business. They can then design, engineer, validate, manufacture and deliver on target to their customers’ satisfaction.

Global Modular Architecture

Modularization has been at the heart of all OEMs’ strategies for decades, crossing all segments (cars, trains, motorcycle, trucks, etc.). Global Modular Architecture, based on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, is a disruptive approach that supports new industry development challenges. The solution goes beyond traditional Product Data Management (PDM) with an enterprise systems engineering approach, driving early Bill of Materials (BOM), and a configured Digital Mock-Up (DMU) to support all global collaborators’ tasks.