Industry Solutions for Manufacturing

Transportation & Mobility

A generational shift in the Transportation & Mobility industry that will redefine mobility paradigms is underway. Connected, Autonomous, Shared and Electric (CASE) are driving a fundamental re-thinking of how people and things are transported. The manufacturers that can adjust not only their product portfolios but their industrial processes and capabilities will thrive.

DELMIA’s range of solutions, powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, are designed to maximize agility and flexibility across the disciplines of planning and scheduling, digital manufacturing and operations execution. Manufacturing engineers can leverage DELMIA’s Industrial Engineering solutions to plan and validate operational processes in 3D virtual space to help accelerate New Product Introduction launch plans. Those responsible for Manufacturing & Operations will gain real-time visibility, control and synchronization of global production performance and quality within and across Fabrication, Body, Paint and Final Assembly as well as component operations for both ICE and EV batteries. DELMIA’s solutions for Planning & Optimization offer users visibility throughout their value network made up of plants, resources, customers, partners and suppliers across the globe and analyze in real time the impact of every decision on your KPIs.

Lean Production Run

DELMIA Contributes to the Lean Production Run experience with business processes:

  • Collaborative Operations
    • Lean Operational Management
  • Planning & Optimization
    • S&OP - Demand Planning
    • S&OP - Supply Planning
    • Master Production Schedule
    • Order Promising
    • Production Scheduling
    • Transportation Planning
    • Distribution Resource Planning
  • Manufacturing & Operations
    • Line Supply Management
    • Maintenance Execution
    • Production Execution
    • Quality Management
    • Warehouse Management
On-target Vehicle Launch

DELMIA Contributes to the On-Target Vehicle Launch experience with business processes:

  • Industrial Engineering
    • Vehicle Packaging & Compliance
    • Painting Line Definition & Simulation
    • Assembly Robot Programming & Simulation
    • Body Line Definition & Validation
    • Mold & Die Machining
    • Assembly Line Definition & Validation
    • Final Assembly Process Engineering & Virtual Build
Efficient Multi-energy Platform

DELMIA Contributes to the Efficient Multi-energy Platform experience with business processes:

  • Industrial Engineering
    • Assembly Line Definition & Validation
    • Assembly Robot Programming & Simulation
    • Powertrain Assembly Process Engineering & Virtual Build
    • Powertrain NC Programming & Simulation