Lean Quality Improvement

True Enterprise Solution for Quality Management

Is your organization looking to deliver consistent execution of ‘best practice’ quality processes across lines and plants on a global scale?


DELMIA’s Lean Quality Improvement solution for the Transportation and Mobility industry delivers a common repository of quality best practices which helps maintain consistent data in an enterprise manufacturing process repository, updated in near real-time from the global plant floor.

True Enterprise Solution for Quality Management

DELMIA’s Lean Quality Improvement solution for the Transportation & Mobility industry delivers visibility and control of quality plans and exception management across both plant and global manufacturing operations.

DELMIA’s Lean Quality Improvement solution provides Enterprise Quality Management Software (EQMS) and the ability to manage and continuously improve product and process quality in a global manufacturing environment. A single, unified manufacturing process framework and data model unifies and standardizes quality management across the enterprise. Key capabilities include: quality planning and enforcement, defect containment, quality reporting, and analytics for multi-site operations.

DELMIA’s Lean Quality Improvement solution supports the Lean Production Run Industry Solution Experience, improving visibility, efficiency, and control of manufacturing operations, within and across plants.

DELMIA’s Lean Quality Improvement Solution brings the following highlights:

  • Establish an enterprise approach to quality based on a business process-centric solution foundation
  • Multi-dimensional metrics and analysis across defects, inspection, suppliers and containment
  • Center of Excellence management of common metrics that enables plant and supplier performance comparisons
  • Global approach to traceability and containment that supports today’s “single platform, many models” product strategy

Lean Quality Improvement User Experience

DELMIA's Lean Quality Improvement solution brings the following benefits:

  • Early warning awareness at all operation levels limits the impact of potential problems
  • Common measurement standards across plants and suppliers aids in quick identification of problem operation priorities
  • Reduce warranty, recall, labor and inventory costs by limiting size and scope of potential defect populations
  • Quick identification, isolation and hold on all suspected products with non-conforming parts