Lean Production Execution

Visibility, Control and Synchronization of Production Operations

Is your organization striving to improve on-time, in-full delivery and increase customer satisfaction?

DELMIA’s Lean Production Execution solution for the Transportation and Mobility industry delivers enterprise-wide manufacturing precision across disparate business units and production models, with visibility, control and synchronization on a global scale.

Visibility, Control and Synchronization of Production Operations

DELMIA Lean Production Execution for Transportation & Mobility is a manufacturing execution platform for managing and synchronizing global production and maintenance operations, while helping to standardize and share best practices across sites.

DELMIA’s Lean Production Execution solution’s ability to manage and synchronize distributed global operations helps to standardize and share best practices across sites while accommodating multiple manufacturing models. It easily adapts to different manufacturing environments – simple or complex, small or large, high or low volume. As an enterprise solution, manufacturers are enabled to define, control and optimize operations across multiple sites and functions, while still accommodating site-specific extensions.

DELMIA’s Lean Production Execution solution supports the Lean Production Run Industry Solution Experience, improving visibility, efficiency, and control of manufacturing operations, within and across plants.

DELMIA’s Lean Production Execution Solution brings the following highlights:

  • Shop floor synchronization that ensures the right materials and tools are at the right place at the right time for all orders
  • Validation flexibility that ensures product integrity from simple to complex MBOMs
  • Suspected non-conforming items are identified with dock-to-dock interlocking traceability and genealogy
  • Machine maintenance and repair operations including preventative maintenance scheduling, spare parts management and directed task execution of repair operations help drive higher asset utilization and product quality
  • Capacity awareness and alignment is facilitated through real-time production visibility across all locations to all levels of operational management

Lean Production Execution User Experience

DELMIA's Lean Production Execution solution brings the following benefits:

  • Increase on-time, on-specification delivery performance of complex orders
  • Increase plant throughput while expanding product lines and achieving streamlined inventory flow
  • Lower risk and cost of compliance to changing regulations with an adaptive framework that supports continuous improvement
  • Accelerate problem resolution cycle, reducing both cost to resolve and potential risk to brand reputation
  • Maximize capital asset utilization while improving operational efficiency and product quality consistency