Lean Performance Management

Increase Visibility into Global Manufacturing Operations

Is your organization dedicated to accelerating new product Introductions on a global scale?

DELMIA’s Lean Performance Management solution for the Transportation and Mobility Industry drives higher aggregate performance based on near real-time visualization of operations and performance metrics from a “single source of truth.”

Increase visibility into Global Manufacturing Operations

DELMIA’s Lean Performance Management solution for the Transportation & Mobility industry enables manufacturers to increase visibility across global operations, helping drive improved alignment with business performance targets.  DELMIA delivers the right information quickly, with the granularity and context needed to empower managers to make better decisions, faster.

DELMIA’s Lean Performance Management solution provides visibility into manufacturing operations both in and across plants for alignment with business performance targets. Able to mine data from disparate system sources and normalize into information, the solution renders contextualized Production, Quality, Warehouse, Logistics, Machine, and Time & Labor intelligence for each plant and in aggregate across the enterprise.

DELMIA’s Lean Performance Management solution supports the Lean Production Run Industry Solution Experience, improving visibility, efficiency, and control of manufacturing operations, within and across plants.

DELMIA’s Lean Performance Management Solution brings the following highlights:

  • Monitors initial production ramp-up performance across all sites, quickly enhancing processes and re-deploying in a matter of hours
  • Industrialized processes from pilot launch are easily translated to local languages
  • Enables closed-loop digital collaboration processes with engineering
  • Measures operations performance with timely and unfiltered views of key metrics at any time, for any duration and across any number of plants
  • On-demand, self-service manufacturing intelligence

Lean Performance Management User Experience

DELMIA's Lean Performance Management solution brings the following benefits:

  • Reduces time-to-market and time-to-volume on a global scale
  • Expands new product launch activities to plants in different regions
  • Boosts decision support with fact-based, contextualized data that is available on the shop floor
  • Accelerates problem resolution cycles reducing both cost to and potential risk to brand reputation
  • Improves product quality through consistent and coherent analysis of all shop floor processes