Body-in-White Manufacturing

Reduce Planning Errors with Early Validation

Are you looking for seamless product and process integration?

DELMIA's Body-in-White Manufacturing solution allows OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers to quickly react to change by capturing all manufacturing in the same repository as design data.

Reduce Planning Errors with Early Phase Validation

DELMIA's Transportation and Mobility Body-in-White Manufacturing solution provides OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers a collaborative planning solution to design, validate, and ensure the quality of the body-in-white assembly manufacturing specifications within a 3D environment.

As the number of car programs increase, so does the number of variants, which puts a strong demand on the need for plant flexibility. DELMIA's Body-in-White Manufacturing solution helps companies standardize and reuse existing processes and resources. The complete manufacturing plan can be validated with 3D simulation of robots, workers, stations, and even complete assembly lines. This optimized manufacturing engineering process enables early validation, reduces planning time, and improves the quality of planning.

DELMIA Transportation & Mobility Body-in-White Manufacturing Users:

  • Body-in-White Project Managers
  • Body-in-White Assembly Planners
  • Body-in-White Robot Programmers
  • Body-in-White Simulation Engineers
  • Body-in-White Layout Designers

Body-in-White Simulation Engineer

Body-in-White Assembly Planner

Body-in-White Layout Designer

Body-in-White Robot Programmer