Create a Competitive Advantage in Planning, Scheduling & Execution

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Transform your steel supply chain with digital solutions to drive new levels of efficiency in steel production while reducing inventory levels and improving delivery performance without compromising on quality.

DELMIA Quintiq is tailored to help steel organizations tackle all the complexities of steelmaking with relative ease, from sales and operations planning all the way to manufacturing scheduling and execution.

Gain real-time visibility and control across your global supply chain and in your manufacturing facilities by leveraging centralized data management and software with IIoT integration. Reduce operating costs through dynamic inventory planning. Leverage world-class KPI-based optimization to achieve maximum efficiency in complex and tight production schedules and sequences. Build a sustainable and resilient steel supply chain with agile planning capabilities that can help your facilities adapt to unforeseen disruptions without losing productivity.

DELMIA Quintiq’s planning solution for steel production can help you take the first step from simple cost reduction to generating additional value across your supply chain. Explore our capabilities below to discover how we can help you drive agile, resilient and sustainable operations in steel.

Sales & Operations Planning

Bridge the gap between business strategy and execution in steel production with real-time supply chain visibility and collaboration. Optimize supply and demand planning and synchronize across operations and business functions to ensure targets are achieved. Leverage accurate data forecasts to simulate and compare “what-if” scenarios for superior decision support. Match capacity with demand and reduce costs through Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization. Create the best feasible plans to meet both your business and sustainability objectives.

Master Production Scheduling

Strike the ideal balance between conflicting business objectives in reducing operating costs, maximizing profits and increasing customer satisfaction. Leverage end-to-end supply chain visibility to streamline production planning with other areas such as sales, procurement and transportation. Optimize plans with hundreds of thousands of operations across multi-site production networks through integrated supply chain planning. Stay on top of every decision from make-or-buy decisions to choice of routing. Drive improved customer service through accurate and realistic order promising based on flexible capacity planning.

Steel Scheduler

Manage complex scheduling puzzles across various steel manufacturing processes, including the melt-cast area, hot mill, cold mill, pipe shop and plate mill. Optimize rolling programs and sequencing with an advanced scheduling system that takes all your business rules and constraints into account. Plan material flow, combine orders and create batches to generate the most efficient schedules for optimized resource utilization and delivery performance.

Virtual Twin Experience

Drive improved productivity and cost-efficient operations through the virtual planning of real-world operations. DELMIA goes above and beyond digital twin technology with the Virtual Twin Experience. Visualize new products, facilities and processes in the virtual environment to eliminate waste and inefficiencies. Simulate and compare “what-if” scenarios in manufacturing planning to develop production plans that will meet your organization’s KPIs. Leverage real-time visibility and control in manufacturing execution through DELMIA Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) to efficiently manage all processes from production to quality, warehousing, workforce and maintenance.

Lean Collaboration

Eliminate operational waste resulting from inefficient team collaboration with DELMIA 3DLean. 3DLean is a customizable and interactive tool designed to drive improved collaboration within and between any of your operational teams—in the factory, warehouse, service center, and even across departments. Solve problems and operational issues by visualizing rich 3D content and data. Engage team members in an interactive shared virtual environment on the cloud to unlock seamless, efficient collaboration and achieve operational excellence.