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Within the oil & gas industry, complex planning challenges are the norm rather than the exception. Unpredictable oil prices, environmental regulations and the dependency on internal and external stakeholders create a critical need for a planning solution to cut through these complexities to meet goals. The supply chain has a significant impact on multiple aspects of the balance sheet so it is vital that your planning solution respects all of your organization’s rules and constraints. 

DELMIA Quintiq’s integrated oil & gas supply chain planning software offers a perfect fit with the day-to-day realities of your business. It is configured to respect all of your organization’s rules, such as production capacity, inventory and logistics constraints and contractual requirements. It provides you with fully feasible plans, optimized against your unique key performance indicators and constraints, thereby achieving upstream and downstream supply chain efficiency.

Explore the benefits of DELMIA Quintiq’s planning solutions for every part of your business, whether you work in oil production, LNG, distribution or petrochemicals:

Explore the benefits of DELMIA Quintiq for each part of your supply chain.

Sales & operations planning (S&OP)

Your most profitable strategy could be hiding in your data right now. Investing in DELMIA Quintiq’s S&OP solution  provides you end-to-end visibility in production, refining, feedstock procurement, logistics and (tank) storage. It therefore gives you the support you need to bridge the gap between sales and operations and achieve your business goals by optimal decision-making. The advanced modeling and proven in-memory optimization capabilities allow you to simulate any scenario in an S&OP cycle. By answering all your ‘what-if’ questions, you’ll be able to make the choices that deliver the most value, every time.

Demand forecasting

Intelligently forecast demand in different market scenarios to plan for the future.


Achieve the right balance of inventory levels, transportation costs and customer service

Flexible configuration

Account for all rules, constraints, and KPIs to create the most accurate model of your oil & gas supply chain. And optimize your supply plans with just a few clicks.

Holistic planning

Optimize your upstream operations in conjunction with distribution and fleet and vessel plans.


Whether you are operating in LNG, oil refining or petrochemicals, intelligent planning is essential for operational excellence and customer satisfaction. DELMIA Quintiq's software is created to model the capacity, processes and constraints unique to your business in order to provide truly optimal production plans.

Campaign planning

Optimize productivity by reducing the amount of campaign changeovers, based on capacities and due dates.

Flow optimization

No matter where they occur or move to, always ensure that bottleneck resources are optimally utilized.


Maintain an optimal operating schedule throughout the year in line with supply contracts and seasonal fluctuations.

Maintenance & turnaround planning

From small routine maintenance tasks to plant-wide turnaround, minimizing disruptions in your daily operation is the key to maximize profit.

Scenario planning

Explore production cut-back simulations in order to prepare for scheduling disruptions, such as emergency maintenance, quality issues or downstream problems.

Integrated activity planning (IAP)

There’s always plenty of work to be done on your company’s assets. However, resources are scarce and expensive. With IAP you can make sure to optimize your resource utilization and reduce asset downtime while safeguarding Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) and asset integrity.

Multi-resource optimization

Optimize the scheduling of field services equipment and contractors to control costs.

Resource utilization

Resources such as drilling rigs are very expensive, make sure you plan to get the most out of them.

Activity optimization

Select the best activities to maximize your production assets’ outputs.

Scenario planning

Assess the profitability of wells by comparing different demand and supply scenarios and plant capabilities.


On the commodities spot markets millions can be made or lost in a short time span. Make sure you can react quickly to the most profitable opportunities by integrating your shipping plans and inventory situation with your market insights. Use DELMIA Quintiq’s world record breaking optimization software to help your traders succeed in a competitive marketplace.

Flexibility and responsiveness

Optimize the scheduling of field services equipment and contractors to control costs.

Portfolio optimization

Analyze your spot deals, oversee the impact of potential decisions directly on your KPIs. Select the best opportunities and maximize your profit.

Optimize spot deals with your logistics

Remove the barriers between your marketing and shipping departments. Provide them with one version of the truth and let DELMIA Quintiq’s optimizer find solutions for seemingly impossible delivery scenarios.

Primary distribution

Gain a competitive edge and achieve remarkable cost savings through clever utilization of your resources. To do this, you need visibility of your logistics, from vessel to pipeline, to rail tank car and truck, and the ability to adapt and respond to constantly changing oil & gas market conditions. This also requires the alignment of distribution schedules with the diverse demands and constraints of your production and storage facilities.
Balance your inventory, with your customer demand in annual delivery planning (ADP) and minimize transportation and inventory costs associated with primary distribution of your products with DELMIA Quintiq

Optimize distribution

Optimize vessel, truck and rail tank car utilization, minimize idle time and empty mileage.

Integrated logistics

Achieve the right balance of inventory levels in your terminals, transportation costs and customer service.

Responsiveness & flexibility

Maintain an optimal operating schedule throughout the year in line with supply contracts and seasonal fluctuations.


Optimize primary distribution plans to take advantage of forecasted demand and lucrative market opportunities.

Secondary distribution

Our solution for secondary distribution helps you to overcome the challenges of the final part of the oil & gas supply chain, such as razor thin margins, volatile demand and disruptions on the road. Optimize your logistics with DELMIA Quintiq.


Incorporate all the unique rules, safety guidance and constraints of your business.


Optimize secondary distribution plans to adapt to a volatile demand and prevent stock outs. 

Trip optimization

Improve utilization of resources and reduce your carbon footprint.

Vendor-managed inventory

Ensure fuel station stock replenishment while maximizing utilization of your truck fleet.


Manage day-of-operations disruptions including vehicle breakdowns, traffic delays and employee illnesses with real-time disturbance handling.