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DELMIA draws on the world's most advanced optimization techniques to help companies in the mining industry simplify complex decision-making processes and maximize potential profits. The solution enables you to transform supply chain and infrastructure constraints and labor shortages into opportunities to improve the efficiency and profitability of your mining supply chain. Visualize all activities in the network and optimize the flow of materials through supply chains. See opportunities to minimize costs and maximize profits in real time, and start contributing to a healthier bottom line.


DELMIA empowers you to optimize the utilization of resources and material flow in the mine in line with your organization's key performance indicators. It also provides a user-friendly interface for end-to-end visibility, enabling you to align production plans with dynamic demand, supply and capacity challenges faced by mines.

  • Optimize material movements in near real time to align production plans with capacity, supply and demand.
  • Understand and optimize your value chain constraints as dynamic demands from maintenance and geology are understood.
  • Overcome workforce shortages by optimizing rosters while ensuring compliance with labor regulations and allow time for training.
Mine-to-port Logistics

DELMIA optimizes mine to port logistics planning to ensure efficient use of transportation networks within your organization or in collaboration with partners as well as infrastructure and logistics providers.

  • Optimize your supply chain to maximize movement and create an optimal blend, thus reducing cost and increasing profitability.
  • Amend workforce and transportation schedules in real time to accommodate network disruptions, sudden changes in demand and supply and any other events that impact day-to-day operations.
  • Make reliable forecasts of demand, supply and capacity to anticipate logistics requirements, minimize constraints and manage risk.
  • Create fully feasible plans, achieved through real-time collaboration with your organization's departments and external service providers.
Ports & Shipping

DELMIA equips you and your planning department with the tools and meaningful data required to make the most of your mining bulk port facility. Get insights into every aspect of your operation to generate plans that reflect and can adapt to changing conditions, and schedules that reflect the reality of day-to-day operations.

  • Determine completion time of yard jobs based on live data from yard machines, stockpiles and ships.
  • Plan for routine maintenance and prepare for and minimize the impact of unexpected maintenance.
  • Manage the complexity of shipping constraints such as tidal effects, tug, channel access, shipping crew availability and berth capacity.
  • Model stockpiles and coordinate with logistics providers first to determine and then optimize capacity.
  • Address bottlenecks and maximize throughput of the rail corridor.
  • Manage stackers/reclaimers to take into account your stockpile area and operations.
Mine Execution

DELMIA Mine Execution is built as a unified application and web-based system leveraging a single data repository. It can perform as your single source of truth by turning siloed or inaccessible data into actionable intelligence across the value chain.

  • Increase productivity and control costs – The solution includes various business processes like production tracking, material and stockpile management, material balancing, execution management, maintenance management, time and labor, quality management and decision support within the mining value chain.
  • Drive and analyze ways for continuous improvement – The solution helps you look at options on how to establish best practices across operations, leveraging best practices from Lean Manufacturing.

DELMIA Mine Execution enables you to:

  • Manage production activities and data, including mining, transportation and processing by centralizing and validating data within a unified application and single data repository.
  • Perform accurate material reconciliation and variance analysis for all operations by clearly identifying areas of production deviation.
  • Increase site operational visibility and worker productivity by managing operational performance through real-time data monitoring.
  • Manage inventory and asset performance by understanding equipment usage in order to increase production and stockpile utilization.Accelerate resolution of non-conformance issues with real-time traceability of supplier as-built data, enabling quick containment and disposition of quality issues.
Operational Mine Planning & Scheduling

DELMIA Operational Mine Planning and Scheduling offers detailed scheduling and integrated management of product- and process-related constraints across multiple resources, such as machines, tools and operators. Part of the DELMIA portfolio, Production Scheduler provides short-term optimization capabilities for Made-to-Order or inventory-based production flows for miners.

DELMIA Operational Mine Planning & Scheduling enables you to:

  • Anticipate capacity requirements by levelling the production plan versus load, scenario analysis, capacity, sales projections and new product introductions (NPIs) to ensure maximum throughput.
  • Deliver uninterrupted supply of finished goods through continuous synchronization of supplier production lines with customer assembly operations to reduce the risk of supply disruptions, material shortages and resulting penalties.
  • Maximize and balance production to boost production utilization with optimized work order scheduling and sequencing while managing unplanned exceptions and events.