Infrastructure, Energy & Materials

Sustain Innovation, Projects and Operations Performance

More than ever, Energy & Materials businesses must diversify into new ventures and increase their pace of innovation. They must improve organizational and infrastructure efficiencies and increase responsiveness. Ultimately, they must align product and service supply with changing priorities and the demands of customers and society. To achieve this and meet sustainable business goals, companies need a solution that is powerful enough to cut through complexity and create a path to operational excellence.

DELMIA’s Energy & Materials solutions are built for industries where complex operational challenges are the norm rather than the exception. As such, our solutions take into account industry- and organization-specific rules and constraints as well as problems across the supply chain. This allows our customers to understand the significant impact created on multiple aspects of the balance sheet and swiftly address them.

Whether you’re in the business of mining, oil & gas, power generation or metals, we offer end-to-end visibility and the synchronization your business needs, allowing you to gain a leading edge through digitalization and collaboration. This is made possible with an integrated approach that connects people, information and processes across organizations, ecosystems and value streams; spanning engineering, project management, construction, operations and delivery.

In addition, our solutions facilitate superior supply chain planning and optimization, integrated multi-modal scheduling, portfolio management, shipping and trading to help Energy & Materials companies succeed in the volatile marketplace. Our planning solution enables you to transform conflicting demands and multiple constraints into new growth opportunities, allowing you to boost profitability and increase customer loyalty. Powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, our solutions equip your employees with the full capabilities of 3D digital manufacturing and operations content, collaboration, optimization and simulation with end-to-end decision support. You will be able to find new and improved ways to optimize manufacturing and plant processes, the sourcing of raw materials and more to ensure high quality of products as well as operations.

Our global manufacturing and operations solutions provide manufacturing operations modularization and control with local tuning and execution, worldwide across all plants. Teams responsible for Simulation, Optimization, Construction, Plant Safety, Maintenance and Quality will be able to drive organizational goals through improved performance and efficiency across operations and achieve long-term growth and success. 

Leading Energy & Materials companies have realized these benefits leveraging our solutions:

  • Improved on time, in full (OTIF) deliveries
    • SIJ Acroni improved its OTIF delivery rate by 12.8%
  • Reduced inventory levels
    • Alunorf reduced its inventory by 33%
  • Improved manufacturing cycle times
    • ELVAL reduced its manufacturing cycle time by almost 30%
  • Lower planning effort
    • Novelis reduced unconstrained plan generation time by 75%
  • Efficient plant construction operations
    • NIAEP reduced plant construction time and project costs while increasing labor efficiency, work quality and safety
DELMIA Solutions for Infrastructure, Energy & Materials


DELMIA helps streamline and optimize complex aluminum supply chains, regardless of scale. Our solutions provide supply chain visibility and insight, enabling aluminum companies to improve scrap usage and reduce inventory. For production, you can improve planning for materials sourcing, batch planning and alloy blending, operational sequencing and foundry distribution setup. Additionally, our planning solutions highlight constraints and violations, propose the best sequences and optimize the combined preheating and hot rolling schedule to improve both throughput and energy efficiency. 


DELMIA solutions address the planning needs for commodity and specialty chemical manufacturers, from long-term strategic planning to day-to-day operations. With our solutions, planners can generate fully practicable and constraint-free plans that are optimized against your KPIs. This way, you are able to foresee the effects of planning decisions on the entire supply chain from end-to-end. 


Creating optimal plans in an ever-changing environment is a tough task even for the most advanced planners. With DELMIA, your planners will get the support they need to create optimal, flexible plans that can be easily adjusted whenever changes or disruptions occur. Our solutions provide fully integrated end-to-end visibility and the ability to simulate different planning scenarios, leveraging a single source of truth, real-time updates, decision support and optimization capabilities.


DELMIA’s Mine Execution and Operational Mine Planning & Scheduling provides a complete end-to-end solution for decision support and production management across the entire mining value chain. Mining companies can make more informed and faster decisions to increase productivity and control costs, as the solution centralizes operational technologies to drive business excellence and the sharing of best practices.

DELMIA Supply Chain Planning and Optimization solutions drive the formulation of optimal plans by taking into account all rules and constraints as well as dynamic factors and disruptions. Efficiently plan movements from pit to stockpile, stockpile to process plant and pit to process plant. With optimal planning, you can boost performance and process utilization, maintain high-quality products and reduce re-handling. 

Oil & Gas

With our integrated Oil & Gas Supply Chain Planning software, we help you manage the struggles and day-to-day realities in your business. DELMIA solutions are configured to respect all of your organization’s rules, such as production capacity, inventory and logistics constraints and contractual requirements. Whether you work in oil production, LNG, distribution or petrochemicals, our solutions enable you to generate fully feasible and optimized plans.

Power Plants

DELMIA Plant Construction Planning and Simulation helps to create and manage information, including 3D data, resources, time and safety data. Simulation enables engineers to optimize resources by simulating power plant processes, based on a 3D-model, before actual construction. With DELMIA, engineers can validate the process planning and detailing in a dynamic model of the power plant and analyze and optimize the plant layout virtually—where changes can more easily be made—prior to physical build. The technology simultaneously reduces construction time and project costs while increasing labor efficiency, work quality and safety.


Our end-to-end planning solutions for the steel sector cover the entire supply chain, from raw materials sourcing to finished goods delivery. You can simulate different planning scenarios while monitoring their impact on relevant KPIs, enabling you to quickly generate the best plans and minimize the effects of disruptions. You will not only be able to maximize hot charging and slitting yield but improve overall production efficiency and throughput while reducing lead times. 

Steel (or Metal) Service Centers

Make the most of your entire network’s capabilities by optimizing complex planning processes across service centers, while considering all relevant production and transportation constraints. With DELMIA’s sophisticated scenario-planning tool, you can achieve superior delivery performance and optimal inventory levels. 


DELMIA helps utility providers unlock their hidden potential by maximizing resource utilization, increasing efficiency and lowering operational costs. Our solutions provide optimized planning across all time horizons for effective resource management. You can optimize vital capabilities such as resource forecasting, scheduling of planned and unplanned maintenance and planning long-cycle projects like construction or outage work. Furthermore, gain the flexibility you need to shift resources and make changes at short notice.  

Industry Experience for Infrastructure, Energy & Materials

Construction Excellence

Construction Excellence enables Engineering, Procurement & Construction companies and owner/operators to deliver on-time and on-budget construction projects. It is a complete planning, site management, field execution and commissioning solution that enables a true lean construction approach.

Decommissioning Excellence

Decommissioning Excellence provides owner/operators with a unified environment in which all assets and waste inventories can be recorded and managed.

Operations Excellence

With Operations Excellence advanced forecasting and planning techniques, what, when, and where to produce is optimized, along with production scheduling and transportation planning from supply to production.