Final Product Assembly

Curb Manufacturing costs during Design

Are you under pressure to rapidly develop new production technology?

DELMIA’s High Tech Final Product Assembly solution capitalizes on existing production systems to manufacture new products versus investing in new.

Minimize Product Development Costs

DELMIA’s Final Product Assembly solution provides a collaborative approach to enable validation of the product design definition in the context of manufacturing process and resource plans. Assembly and Manufacturing Planning allow planners to validate product design in an assembly and manufacturing context and provide early feedback to design. The solution allows planners to plan the manufacturing in the production facilities minimizing cost and time to market.

The validation addresses the order of assembly, required time for manufacturing activities, and optimized allocation of manufacturing processes across the required set of resources. This includes human labor and related human factors constraints. Assembly Work Instructions allow the planner to communicate work instructions to the shop floor in a precise and unambiguous manner.

DELMIA High Tech Final Product Assembly Users:

  • Project Reviewer
  • Manufacturing Planner
  • Manufacturing Simulation Engineer

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