High Tech

Deliver Innovative Market-leading Electronic Experiences

DELMIA’s High Tech solutions enable manufacturers to digitally transform their operations and supply chain for world-class operational excellence. DELMIA helps High Tech companies to address operational challenges by providing integrated solutions to connect engineering and manufacturing worlds for the perfect product launch. They are able to handle diverse manufacturing needs while ensuring First Time Quality to reach operational excellence and improve visibility, synchronization and flexibility of global manufacturing processes for a demand-oriented production of the High Tech sector.

DELMIA solutions provide the capabilities to solve and address some of the challenges facing High Tech manufacturing such as product variants, demand variability, shorten product development lifecycles, supply chain network complexity, and shrinking margins by improving quality and yield.

Dassault Systèmes Industry Solution Experiences enable High Tech manufacturers to digitally transform their operations.

Highly Flexible Manufacturing

DELMIA contributes to the Highly Flexible Manufacturing experience withe business processes:

  • Collaborative Operations
    • Lean Operational Management
  • Industrial Engineering
    • Assembly Process Engineering & Virtual Build
  • Planning & Optimization
    • S&OP - Demand Planning
    • S&OP - Supply Planning
    • Master Production Scheduling
    • Production Scheduling
  • Manufacturing & Operations
    • Warehouse Management
    • Line Supply Management
    • Production Execution
    • Production Quality Management
    • Supply Network Visibility & Quality