Deliver Innovative Market-leading Electronic Experiences

High-Tech companies are at the center of innovation and digital transformation. As such, they need to be agile and responsive and continuously find new ways to reinvent and sustain their leading edge while mastering complexity, quality and margin pressures.

DELMIA, powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, provides the High-Tech industry with innovative manufacturing and supply chain solutions to Collaborate, Model, Optimize and Perform operations to enable operational excellence–from product design and manufacturing to distribution and delivery.

Our High-Tech solutions provide capabilities to address major challenges in High-Tech manufacturing such as increasing product variants, demand variability and supply chain network complexity. Companies can reduce time to market and production downtime, improve global manufacturing processes for operational efficiency, ensure quality and increase supply chain resiliency.

Users will be equipped with comprehensive capabilities to meet operational goals in a wide variety of areas, including sales and operations planning (S&OP), virtual build, manufacturing and assembly, quality and distribution. DELMIA solutions are scalable and can be configured to support essential processes while leveraging industry technologies like IIoT, machine learning, Big Data, and more. Manufacturers will be able to improve visibility, synchronization and flexibility of global manufacturing processes to drive superior customer excellence and sustainable operations.

Industry Solutions for Manufacturing

High-Tech Smart Factory

Our High-Tech Smart Factory solution provides a digitally seamless, model-based and systemic approach to manufacturing optimization. High-tech manufacturers can bring together the virtual (planning) and real (operational) worlds of manufacturing leveraging DELMIA’s Virtual Twin Experience. This will enable you to increase agility and improve your organization’s ability to adapt to strategy shifts, changing market conditions and unexpected events.

Industry Solutions for Supply Chain

Resilient Supply Chain

The Resilient Supply Chain solution provides High-Tech manufacturers the ability to model, flexibly plan and optimize demand and supply to align with KPI-driven plans and strategies. The solution seamlessly connects to real world manufacturing operations, including warehouse and logistics. From production lines to global systems of factories, the solution enables you to better manage upstream and downstream product flows.