News: SYMETAL extends Quintiq software platform for Sales and Operations Planning

October 29, 2014 - Quintiq, a global leader in supply chain planning and optimization (SCP&O), announced today that SYMETAL, a leading aluminium foil producer based in Greece, has chosen to extend its Quintiq platform to cover sales and operations planning.

As the company has grown, SYMETAL's operations have become increasingly complex. Its planning process now involves multiple business constraints and goals. With the additional component added to its Quintiq planning platform, the Macro Planner, SYMETAL will gain full visibility and be able to easily compare strategic business options.

SYMETAL previously relied on manual planning tools such as Excel spreadsheets for its sales and operations planning. However, the company found these tools insufficient to take into account multiple requirements such as price, capacity and sales forecasts. In order to find the optimal product mix that would lead to increased profits, SYMETAL needed a system that could handle the volume and diversity of its operational complexities. By extending the Quintiq platform, SYMETAL will have a more sophisticated software solution which offers greater visibility into the business, enabling planners to make more profitable, strategic decisions.

"Our existing long-term planning tools didn't reflect our detailed business reality and couldn't cope with frequent updates. Quintiq's approach to modelling helps us to see the consequences of different planning scenarios, quantified accurately as changes in our key performance indicators. Having these changes visualized will allow us to make better planning decisions," said Dimitris Pokas, SYMETAL Planning Manager.

The new Quintiq solution supports SYMETAL in creating forecasts across multiple levels, from short-term quarterly forecasts for the continuous monitoring of market trends and best capacity utilization to annual budgeting and strategic five-year analysis. Hence, the company's policy for continuous development, utilizing new technologies can be dynamically adapted to market trends.

"By extending the Quintiq platform, SYMETAL is clearly affirming the value of our vertically integrated solution for the metals industry - from detailed production scheduling to strategic planning. The company will now be able to map its long-term production planning with more confidence and increase profit," said Koen Jacobs, business unit director, Quintiq.

About Symetal
SYMETAL S. A. is an aluminium foil producer, part of the ELVAL Group, with its products being exported to more than 60 countries worldwide. Symetal has two production facilities: The Oinofyta (54 km north of Athens) and Mandra (25 km west of Athens) plants. The Oinofyta plant is dedicated to the production of plain aluminium foil, at a wide range of thicknesses and alloys. The plant has an annual capacity of 50,000 tons, while its aluminium foil products are used in various applications such as converter foil, household foil, container foil, finstock, etc. The Mandra plant has an annual capacity of 18,000 tons and is dedicated to the conversion of aluminium foil to a number of packaging applications for the food and tobacco industries.

About Quintiq

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