News: Elektro extends partnership with Quintiq to increase efficiency of teams in the field

Quintiq, a Dassault Systèmes company, announces that it is extending its partnership with Elektro, providing solutions to optimize the management of its teams in the field in order to increase operational speed and efficiency.

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July 25, 2016 - "Quintiq is consolidated and well established in the market, and its knowledge of planning will help us in our processes. The company is committed to meeting deadlines and delivering quality," says Vanessa Colombo, a systems analyst at Elektro.

The relationship between the companies began in 2010 and is now being strengthened to support the development of strategies being designed by the company to help manage the work of the teams in the field. "Our goal is to improve the use of the tools Quintiq offers. At a time when the market is seeking to reduce costs, we need to be even more efficient," she says.

Quintiq offers a centralized planning system that unifies processes and enables Elektro's regional offices to share resources, as well as plan tasks according to the teams' skills and abilities. Resources are allocated based on demand, locations and schedules. The company's technology will also be used to support Elektro in future capacity needs, such as training the teams and maintaining qualifications of professionals. The Quintiq platform is fully integrated with the main business systems used by Elektro.

"We are very happy with the extension of our partnership with Elektro and with the use of our technology in strategic business areas," says Camilo Gaviria, Quintiq director for Latin America. "With Quintiq, Elektro is able to manage its teams using a new working model that is much more dynamic and planned, and that enables the software to measure key performance indicators, improve performance and optimize costs."

Elektro is one of the largest electricity providers in Brazil. It serves 228 towns and cities, 223 in the state of São Paulo and 5 in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, supplying energy to more than six million people every day. It has branches in all the towns and cities within its concession area. Its corporate headquarters, distribution operations center and customer relationship center are all based in Campinas, in the state of São Paulo, and its distribution center is in Sumaré.

Elektro has been a publicly traded company since 2011 and is a subsidiary of Spanish group Iberdrola, S.A., which is one of the largest electric utilities companies in the world.

About Quintiq
Every business has its supply chain planning challenges. Some of those challenges are large. Some are complex. Some seem impossible to solve. Since 1997, Quintiq has been solving each of those challenges with a supply chain planning & optimization software system. Today, approximately 12,000 users in over 80 countries rely on Quintiq software to plan and optimize workforces, logistics and production. Part of Dassault Systèmes (Euronext Paris: #13065, DSY.PA), Quintiq has offices in the Netherlands, the USA and around the world.