News: Beltrame selects Quintiq to optimize its planning and improve customer service

Quintiq will enable Beltrame to respond faster to spikes in demand and improve supply chain visibility

July 16, 2014 - Quintiq, a global leader in supply chain planning and optimization (SCP&O), announced today that the Beltrame Group has selected Quintiq’s software solution to optimize planning and improve customer service across its plants in Italy, France and Switzerland. Beltrame Group is Europe’s leading producer of merchant bars (used in construction, shipyards and excavators).

Quintiq will provide a configurable software solution that is designed to completely take into account Beltrame’s specific business goals and constraints. The software will support Beltrame’s planning team by aligning production and stock availability with fluctuating product demand. This, in turn, will free up capital that would otherwise be tied down by idle stock.

The optimized planning and scheduling software will give Beltrame Group better visibility into its supply chain across the three locations, which will also improve customer service. The Quintiq solution will ensure all product lines are available for customer orders when needed, and that orders are completed quickly and efficiently.

A Beltrame Group spokesman said: “We are excited about this project, which will, for the first time, give us an integrated view of production flows and inventory turnover across three of our most important European plants”.

He added: “Streamlining our supply chain operations will mean we can enhance our customer service, which in turn will give Beltrame a greater competitive advantage”.

François Eijgelshoven, VP EMEA Quintiq said: “Our partnership with Beltrame is yet another example of how Quintiq is helping organizations within the metals industry be even more successful. Our unique software solution and in-depth understanding of the industry will underpin Beltrame’s planning decisions, towards ensuring optimized production and a high standard of customer service.

About Beltrame Group

The Beltrame Group has operated in the steel industry for over a century, producing rolled sections for use in construction, shipyards, and excavators. Its 2,600 employees are spread across its five facilities, which have a production capacity of approximately 4 million tons, include 4 steel plants and 9 rolling mills. These are scattered in four plants located in Italy, France, Switzerland and Romania. These locations offer Beltrame an advantage because of market demand and the location and availability of raw materials.

About Quintiq

Every business has its supply chain planning challenges. Some of those challenges are large. Some are complex. Some seem impossible to solve. Since 1997, Quintiq has been solving each of those challenges with a supply chain planning & optimization software system. Today, approximately 12,000 users in over 80 countries rely on Quintiq software to plan and optimize workforces, logistics and production. Part of Dassault Systèmes (Euronext Paris: #13065, DSY.PA), Quintiq has offices in the Netherlands, the USA and around the world.