News: AkzoNobel Powder Coatings: Multiple sites, one schedule

September 12, 2012 - AkzoNobel Powder Coatings, the world's largest producer of powder coating and a leader in the field of powder coating technology will now carry out the scheduling for all seven of its sites in Europe as if they formed a single operation, using Quintiq Planning Software.

Following a smooth and straightforward implementation process, the operational and tactical scheduling solution Quintiq Scheduler has now gone live in Vallirana. The implementation of the new system at the first of the company's sites was completed on budget and within the designated timeframe. The roll-out of the Quintiq Scheduler at the company's sites in Como, Arnsberg, Romano, Opava, Dourdan and Felling will take place before the summer of 2012. Once that process has been completed, the seven plants will come to form a single Western European supply unit, in which each site will carry out a particular type of Powder Coating production.

Mark Booth, the European Operations Director AkzoNobel Powder Coatings, commented on the implementation of the new system in Vallirana:  "As AkzoNobel Powder Coatings has several production sites in Europe, Quintiq helps us to manage our scheduling processes as if we were operating on a single site. This means that we are able to benefit from synergies we could never have achieved before in areas such as the increased utilization of machinery and improved inventory management."

Reinier van Leuken, Senior Consultant at Quintiq, added: "The implementation of Quintiq Scheduler went very smoothly and that was partly attributable to the effective collaboration that took place between Quintiq and the team from AkzoNobel. For example, AkzoNobel Powder Coatings itself formalized a large number of production rules while the project was underway and the implementation itself gave rise to a completely new set of regulations for the adjustment times on various machines. Those adjustment times had never been laid down before. We are looking forward to working with AkzoNobel Powder Coatings on the roll-out of this solution at the company's other sites and recently commenced that process at the site in Dourdan, in France."


Enhanced productivity and delivery reliability

The efforts of AkzoNobel Powder Coatings to put in place an optimized 3-monthly scheduling horizon formed the primary reason for implementing a short-term scheduling solution. AkzoNobel Powder Coatings aims to deliver the right product as quickly as possible, in such a way that the lead-time for every Make-To-Order job remains as short as possible.

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Frank van Ooijen, Global Director of Operations at AkzoNobel Powder Coatings explains, "In an ideal world, we set out to deliver the best possible product as quickly as possible, so that every make-to-order job can be completed within the shortest possible lead-time. What Quintiq Scheduler has done is to simplify the entire process and facilitate coordination."

Using Quintiq Scheduler enables the AkzoNobel Powder business to respond to developments in real time and the production schedule is then adjusted accordingly. The visibility of the customer orders behind the work orders in the seven plants supports AkzoNobel in increasing delivery and inventory reliability.


Powder Coatings

AkzoNobel Powder Coatings is the world's largest producer of powder coatings and is a world leader in the field of powder coating technology. Coatings from AkzoNobel are used to protect and decorate a wide range of products including buildings, furniture, automotive vehicles and components, domestic appliances and much more. For further information, please visit 


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