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Planning & Optimization


DELMIA Planning & Optimization powers reality-based planning, scheduling and optimization for complex business processes within manufacturing, logistics, transit and workforce operations--across all planning horizons. Built around a 100%-fit model, it's configured to respect all of an organization's unique rules and constraints, such as production capacity, inventory and logistics constraints, contractual requirements and more. At the same time, it's flexible enough to rapidly adapt to the peaks and troughs of day-to-day operations. The result is feasible plans, optimized against key performance indicators, always in sync with the realities of the business.

DELMIA customers rely on the same fully integrated 100%-fit planning and optimization solution to plan their workforce, manufacturing environment and logistics operations.

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Key Benefits

  • Plan across all planning horizons for optimal results
  • Solve the toughest operations planning and optimization challenges
  • Gain visibility with planning and scheduling to minimize disruptions
  • Receive instant KPI feedback on the quality of decisions


  • on cloud
  • on premise
  • All
  • Collaborative Forecaster

    Enter, verify and reconcile the sales forecast
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  • Supply Chain Director

    Manage the process, connect stakeholders and present the planning results
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  • Supply Planner

    Design the supply chain and create supply plans
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