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Collaborative Operations


DELMIA Collaborative Operations is the cornerstone of the 3DEXPERIENCE Operations vision. With that vision comes Lean practices-- a standard part of business, building better team relationships and visualizing 3D content and data within a digital framework. While enabling a common understanding for all stakeholders, DELMIA 3DLean addresses different team challenges and goals to continuously improve operational efficiency by empowering teams to find new ways to innovate together. Users will realize value to teams working in any function, as well as cross-functional teams along with the framework to guide collaboration and improve team performance. Efficient collaboration through lean practices is achieved by digitally connecting users so companies can have visibility into, control over, and synchronization across their enterprise.

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Key Benefits

  • Enable cross-functional teams to innovate together and address manufacturing problems
  • Engage team members to contribute more and provide a clear view of actions and accountability
  • Promote collaboration and empower teams to solve problems and drive ideation
  • Provide full traceability with 3D and data-driven visualization so opportunities and problems are more apparent