Optimized Planning

Innovative Construction Practices

Do you need to optimize construction activities and improve time to completion?

DELMIA’s Optimized Planning allows you to introduce construction innovation at an affordable cost through a collaborative capital project environment which optimizes resource usage and scheduling.

Innovative construction practices reduce costs and increase on-time completion

DELMIA’s EPU Optimized Planning solution allows you to plan virtual construction activities based on a 3D plant model with construction best practices as a way of reducing costs, meeting project schedules and maximizing the effectiveness of valuable resources. Construction project managers can support a “fast track” project environment and leverage best practices and improve the utilization of valuable resources. This includes defining methodologies for public hearings and acceptance and concurrent development of project health, safety and environmental aspects.

DELMIA Energy, Process & Utilities Optimized Planning Users:

  • Construction Project Managers
  • Construction Planners
  • Safety Engineers

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Optimized Planning