Optimize Against Constraints

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DELMIA Quintiq Logistics Planning for Trucking gives you full visibility and control of your trucking operations to sustain high delivery performance in an industry characterized by high fuel prices, volatile demand, route restrictions, strict emission standards and last-minute disruptions. The logistics planning software allows you to create optimal plans by taking into account the numerous unique constraints and complexities of your trucking operations. It gives you the flexibility to overcome bottlenecks and capacity restrictions while still meeting customer service-level agreements – every single time.

Key features and benefits include:

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Resource Optimization

Optimize capacity allocation based on shipping orders, available resources, weight restrictions, hours of service and haulage costs.

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Incorporate all the unique rules and constraints of your business. 

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Support essential functions including cross-docking, multi-leg logistics and resource swapping.

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Gain complete visibility in operations allowing for better process integration.

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Manage day-of-operations disruptions including vehicle breakdowns, traffic delays and employee illnesses with real-time disturbance handling.

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Scenario Planning

Simulate what-if scenarios by exploring other opportunities such as switching shipments to alternative routes, carriers or trailers.

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Trip Optimization

Minimize empty trips and consolidate shipments to improve utilization of resources and reduce your carbon footprint.