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DELMIA Quintiq Logistics Planning for Postal & Express Delivery transforms constraints into opportunities to achieve operational efficiency, reduce costs and maximize your competitive advantage. It factors in every single one of your complex supply chain planning requirements – from sorting centers to transport hubs, from your first mile to the last – for a perfect fit with your unique business model. It helps your planners generate plans that respect the conflicting rules and constraints of processes, drivers, vehicles, sorting machines and mail processing clerks. It also enables them to better cope with last-minute changes made by customers in location, time and other delivery requirements. DELMIA Quintiq offers total operational visibility and control for exceptional customer service levels – whether it is mail collection and delivery, time-definite parcel deliveries or full contract logistics.

Key features and benefits include:

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Task Optimization

Increase operational efficiency through integrated planning where real-time coordination is used to assign tasks to workers for the day of execution.

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Resource Optimization

Optimize utilization of capacity through efficient assigning of machines, vehicles and personnel on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

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Obtain company-wide visibility into operations from the strategic level down to the operational level for effective planning.

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Incorporate all business-specific rules including delivery address characteristics and constraints.

Integrated Planning

Create workforce schedules that consider multiple factors including time and leave policies, labor contracts and weekly trends in sick leave.

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Cost Savings

Achieve significant savings in sorting costs due to better volume-capacity balancing.