Optimize for Healthier Profit Margins

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DELMIA Quintiq planning for Intermodal helps you price your intermodal services competitively to meet all delivery requirements and safeguard profit margins. The solution combines intelligent logistics planning and optimization to generate plans that consider an overwhelming number of possibilities involving multiple routes, modes of transport and costs. It provides planners with full end-to-end visibility of all available and utilized assets, resource capabilities and constraints. It also reflects the unique constraints, key performance indicators (KPIs) and characteristics of your intermodal operations.

Key features and benefits include:


Gain full visibility of current and future operations, including fleet capacity, orders and transit times.

KPI-based Planning

Define your key performance indicators and generate plans that favor those KPIs.

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What-if Scenarios

Simulate what-if scenarios and understand the impact on KPIs. Explore recommended plans before choosing and refining the plan that meets your priority KPIs.

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Optimize utilization of your fleet to minimize empty trips.

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Offer accurate quotes and delivery time slots to your customers.

Disruption Management

Handle last-minute orders and day-of-operations disruptions with ease.

Perfect Fit

Incorporate all the unique rules and constraints of your business and your customers.