Optimize for Competitive Advantage

DELMIA Quintiq freight forwarding solutions combine intelligent planning and optimization to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and increase business opportunities. Our solutions provide full visibility of your available and utilized resources, including the rules and constraints relating to each resource, and automatically calculates the most economical way of delivering valuable cargo safely to its destination. DELMIA Quintiq enables you to improve punctuality, increase frequency of deliveries and cope with the rising demand for last-minute shipments – all of which are key to retaining customers who increasingly prefer frequent deliveries in order to keep their inventory levels low.

Key features and benefits include:

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Constraint-free Plans

Generate optimal logistics plans while factoring in revenue and cost requirements, available resources, delivery windows, load compatibility and customer priorities.

Scenario Planning

Simulate what-if scenarios by exploring alternative decisions such as switching shipments to alternative routes or modes of transport.

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Real-time Reoptimization

Manage day-of-operation disruptions including vehicle breakdowns, flight delays, custom hold-ups and employee illnesses with real-time disturbance handling.

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Network Visibility

Respond rapidly to opportunities through increased visibility of shared carrier networks.

Perfect Fit

Incorporate all the unique rules and constraints of your business.

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Integrated Planning

Support essential functions including cross-docking and warehouse stock planning.