Business Services

Optimize Your Operations for Superior Service and Logistics

As a provider of business services, your customers rely on you to keep their operations running efficiently and their business competitive. And in a complex, demanding and volatile marketplace rife with competition, delivering on this objective can be challenging. Fulfill your commitments and become the supplier your customers can count on all the time with DELMIA’s Business Services solutions.

Our solutions enable organizations to optimize their operations and logistics planning so they can deliver superior service consistently. From route, logistics and long-range network strategy planning to daily workforce scheduling, you can optimize processes across all planning horizons. DELMIA’s solutions, powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, give your managers, planners and dispatchers full visibility and control over the entire planning and optimization process.

With capabilities to facilitate strategic demand planning and accurate demand forecasting, you can ensure optimal inventory management and reduce lead times. Benefit everyone in your supply networks and drive operational efficiency with optimized supply chain planning and workforce planning. In addition, our Business Services solutions offer support in production planning sales and logistics, operations planning, as well as scenario planning. Your teams will be able to envision the art of the possible and continuously find ways to innovate and improve so you can meet, or better yet exceed, ever-evolving customer demands.

With DELMIA, you will be able to increase delivery performance and drive revenue growth while ensuring regulatory compliance at all times—for you and your customers. Build the path to operational excellence, enhance customer experience, and drive significant results, including:

  • Reduction in mileage by 15% for intermodal logistics
  • Reduction in tour duration by 8% for road logistics
  • Significant reduction in fuel consumption
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions

Intelligent Logistics

Our Intelligent Logistics solution provides companies real-time and dynamic optimization capabilities to drive operational efficiency. It facilitates the creation of optimal plans that respond to real life events. With a fully transparent planning system, you can ensure service-level agreements are met, and deliveries made on time and in full.

Freight Forwarding

With DELMIA’s Freight Forwarding solutions, you will be able to leverage the combined powers of intelligent planning and optimization capabilities. This will allow you to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and increase business opportunities.

Intermodal Logistics

Our Intermodal Logistics planning solution helps you price your intermodal services competitively to meet all delivery requirements and safeguard profit margins. The solution combines intelligent logistics planning and optimization to generate plans that consider an overwhelming number of possibilities involving multiple routes, modes of transport and costs.

Postal & Express Delivery

DELMIA’s logistics planning solution for Postal & Express Delivery transforms constraints into opportunities. With it, you can achieve operational efficiency, reduce costs and maximize your competitive advantage. The solution factors in every aspect of your complex supply chain planning requirements—from sorting centers to transport hubs, from the first mile to the last.


Our logistics planning solution for Trucking gives you full visibility and control of your trucking operations. It enables you to sustain high delivery performance in an industry characterized by high fuel prices, volatile demand, route restrictions, strict emission standards and last-minute disruptions.


The Security planning solution by DELMIA enables you to overcome the full range of security planning and scheduling challenges. Cover all of your activities with this single solution, whether for the short, medium or long term.

Rail Freight 

With Rail Freight, DELMIA helps you rein in costs by maximizing train utilization and operational flexibility. This solution supports you in balancing conflicting demands addressing clients who expect your services to be reliable, affordable and traceable.