Perfect Your Schedule with Optimization and Decision Support

The system has generated a great schedule: One that obeys all rules, regulations and supports all your KPIs. Then the unexpected happens. The temperature tomorrow is due to hit record highs, one of your machinists can only start their shift two hours late, and you discover an error in the data that was imported from another system. There are countless scenarios that cannot be easily quantified or modeled into your planning solution. However, the closer you get to the time of execution, the likelier your schedule can be improved by human expertise and knowledge.

DELMIA Quintiq’s planning and optimization solution gives you the decision support you need while keeping you firmly in charge of every decision. At the click of a button, DELMIA Quintiq can analyze hundreds of thousands of operations and recommend the optimal course of action. It can support your planners in building more accurate and cost-efficient schedules during the initial scheduling process. And it’s equally effective in optimizing specific sequences. Use it to align your schedules with your KPIs, minimize risks, increase resource efficiency and defend against disruptions.

Key features and benefits include:


Gain visibility over multiple production steps, to reduce WIP and maximize delivery performance.

Detailed Scheduling >Schedule Optimization > Dassault Systèmes®

Schedule Optimization

Update your schedule to accommodate disruptions and rearrange tasks in sequence to generate the best schedule.

Detailed Scheduling > Immediate Feedback > Dassault Systèmes®

Immediate Feedback

Assess the quality of your manually or automatically updated schedule with revised KPI values, alerts to any broken rules and constraints, and any other consequences caused by your changes.