DELMIA Quintiq's intelligent production planning solutions give manufacturers the competitive edge. Avoid common obstacles to profitability such as high inventory levels, poor delivery performance, low yield and excessive waste. Achieve new levels of efficiency by shifting your focus from merely reducing costs to creating value and strengthening your competitive advantage. Equip yourself with the planning tools and techniques to produce the highest possible throughput with the lowest possible inventory, while ensuring high quality and delivery performance.  

With DELMIA Quintiq, your planners will optimize production plans through an intuitive planning interface, real-time KPI-focused reporting tools and state-of-the-art automated planning capabilities. Give managers, planners and those on the shop floor full visibility and control over the entire production process – from long-range supply chain design and optimization to production scheduling.

Execution Planning

Keep your promises even when disruptions hit

Update plans in real time to align them with the realities of day-to-day operations.

  • Re-optimize schedules on the go to reflect unanticipated events such as machine breakdowns
  • Enable communication between planners and the shop floor for plans that remain accurate and up-to-date

Achieve comprehensive planning, execution and reporting with the flexibility to handle unexpected changes across production cycles.

Operational Planning

Deliver plans your customers and staff can rely on

In the days prior to execution, match specific resources and employees to orders, and revise plans to reflect the current state of operations.

  • Update plans to reflect any backlog of orders
  • Optimize against all resource-specific constraints such as cleaning and set-up times
  • Allow for emergency maintenance with minimal disruption and cost
Strategic Planning

Make informed decisions based on accurate insights

Collaborate with management, sales and operations to plan for the coming years. Base plans on clearly presented overviews of demand, capacity and performance history.

  • Assess, align and allocate capacity and sales budgets
  • Explore feasible channel mixes
  • Simulate what-if scenarios such as a change in demand
  • Design and optimize your entire supply chain