Virtual Twin Experience

Virtual Modeling, Collaboration and Optimization for Flawless Execution

The capability to create a digital twin of a product, facility or process is a game-changer from a business perspective. A virtual twin solution puts the human experience at the center of everything designed and produced.

With advanced technology, manufacturers can virtually demonstrate through modeling, simulation and visualizationwhat can be implemented and executed in the real world. A virtual digital solution allows manufacturers to simulate, analyze and optimize operations–from supply chain all the way to production work cells. With the connectivity in a collaborative platform, what-if scenarios can be created and optimized, including: the anticipation of disruptions, new product launches, shifting production sourcing, and re-balancing workforce capacity. 

The technology that delivers digital twin capability must deliver the following:  

  • Model-based capability to represent assets, business processes, infrastructure and metrics
  • Unlimited simulation to experiment virtually and determine the best configuration in the real world
  • A closed-loop connection that allows real-time updates to continuously refine and optimize processes for a long-term strategy
  • Simulation for workplace safety conditions including assembly tasks that could create repetitive strain injuries or creating social distancing measures
  • Flexibility by simulating changeovers ahead of time and identifying the quickest and most cost efficient way to minimize downtime
  • A single source repository for all real-time data continuity that can be used by all departments to allow greater optimization

Powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, DELMIA delivers the Virtual Twin Experience - an integrated solution that goes beyond digital twins, which are static digital representations. It is a dynamic virtual model of real-world products, facilities, assets, and processes powered by real-world data, allowing manufacturers to collaborate, model, optimize and perform efficiently. Simulating outcomes of multiple scenarios in the virtual model helps manufacturers form the best plans in line with business and sustainability goals.

Now enhanced by Diota solutions, users can leverage cutting-edge technologies like interactive 3D, augmented reality, computer vision, AI and deep learning to:

  • Guide human operators in complex assembly tasks
  • Automate quality inspections based on the product virtual twin
  • Create automated reports from field data capture

This digitalization of field operations creates significant value for productivity, quality and traceability. High interoperability ensures that newly deployed technologies synergize well with existing systems. Empower teams with digitalized field operations to enable them to manufacture right the first time, reduce lead times, lower costs, accelerate skill ramp-up and improve visibility of products and processes.


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