Structure Production Preparation

Collaborative Design and Structure Manufacturing

Does Your Organization Struggle to Efficiently Manage Change and Synchronization between Engineering Design and Manufacturing Features?

DELMIA’s Structure Production Preparation solution for the Marine & Offshore Industry reduces cost and time through collaborative design and structure manufacturing planning.

Collaborative Design and Structure Manufacturing

DELMIA’s Marine & Offshore Structure Production Preparation solution enables shipyards to perform manufacturing assembly definition, discipline-specific manufacturing work preparation including plate fabrication sketches, and profile drawings. It leverages the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform to perform detailed structure planning in a concurrent engineering environment.

DELMIA’s Structure Production Preparation solution supports the Optimized Production for Sea Industry Solution Experience, by efficiently planning your marine project manufacturing.

DELMIA’s Structure Production Preparation Users:

  • Structure Manufacturing Planner

Structure Production Preparation User Experiences

DELMIA's Structure Production Preparation brings the following benefits:

  • Increase efficiency by allowing the manufacturing planning to start as early in the ship design process as possible
  • Reduce cost by efficiently creating and managing the work preparation for thousands of structure plates and profiles
  • Capture, standardize and reuse proven production practices to reduce costs for new ship projects
  • Improve collaboration and productivity by working with the up-to-date assembly plan