Production Engineering

Quality Manufacturing On-time and On-budget

Are Your Organization's Marine & Offshore Projects Diverse, Complex and Under Tight Delivery Schedules?

DELMIA’s Production Engineering solution for the Marine and Offshore Industry allows your organization to increase yard efficiency and flexibility by generating cross-discipline assembly plans that maximize resource utilization with automated workload balancing.

Quality Manufacturing On-Time and On-Budget

DELMIA’s Production Engineering solution for the Marine & Offshore Industry optimizes the ship manufacturing strategy and supports automation for production documentation.

DELMIA’s Marine & Offshore Production Engineering solution provides the ability to efficiently generate manufacturing data directly from engineering design, and detailed planning of hull assembly and outfitting operations. The solution shortens design-to-manufacture time with concurrent process development and accurate production information, leading to reduced project cost and time.

DELMIA’s Production Engineering solution supports the Optimized Production for Sea Industry Solution Experience, by efficiently planning your marine project manufacturing.

DELMIA’s Production Engineering Users:

  • Marine Process Planner

Production Engineering User Experiences

DELMIA's Production Engineering solution brings the following benefits:

  • Define cost-effective construction sequence with integrated hull and outfitting assembly information
  • Identify, document, and solve manufacturing problems quickly and effectively
  • Reduce error and rework with cross-discipline manufacturing deliverables of structure, HVAC, piping, electrical, and all other shipbuilding disciplines
  • Reuse prior 3D model investment through proven standard conversions
  • Reduce man-hours through efficient creation of MBOM and assembly drawings