Marine & Offshore

Thriving in Competitive Seas

Staying profitable and keeping up with today’s highly competitive Marine & Offshore industry means making big business changes. It means embracing digital transformation to achieve new levels of efficiency. Marine & Offshore companies need to reimagine their operations and processes to be smart and connected at all levels of the value creation chain and shipping network. This will be essential to adapt to major changes and trends in the industry, especially those that revolve around sustainability. Meeting growing demands for safer, cleaner and greener ships and offshore structures, as well as new sources of energy, will require agile thinking and practices.

It is no longer sufficient to rely on traditional tools or approaches. Now, organizations need a smarter and more efficient method to address the difficult challenge of continuously improving manufacturing and operations. Leading companies are turning to a broader type of solution to enable manufacturing transformation. It goes beyond managing just the plant floor—it encompasses the warehouse, quality and material flow throughout the production process and product supply a network. Transformation by these means will enable shipping organizations to gain the control and insight needed to achieve and sustain manufacturing excellence.


DELMIA provides Marine & Offshore companies with solutions to tackle today’s most complex industry challenges. We provide end-to-end continuity and decision support across all shipping processes—from ideation to ship in service. Powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, our solutions enable organizations and professionals in the shipping industry to integrate design, engineering, simulation, manufacturing and business processes in a single collaborative environment.

From ship manufacturing strategy to manufacturing operations management, create effective plans that can be optimized at every turn. Automate production documentation to ensure consistently high levels of quality in manufacturing and delivery schedules.

DELMIA’s Marine & Offshore solutions equip manufacturing, maritime logistics and ports & terminals with the logistics planning and optimization capabilities they need. These are critical in order to efficiently and profitably overcome the external pressures and internal constraints that plague daily operations. Shipping companies can leverage these solution capabilities to optimize manufacturing operations and supply chain management. These highly flexible, scalable and robust solutions are the answer to true intelligent planning. No matter how large or complex your organization may be, you will be able to address all your shipping and terminal operations as well as inland distribution and supply chain control towers.

With DELMIA’s solutions for Marine & Offshore, you will be able to gain a leading edge and deliver significant benefits for the business, including:

  • Improved efficiency and production optimization
  • Reduced fabrication time
  • Right-first-time manufacturing
  • Reduced delivery time
Industry Solutions for Manufacturing

Build for Sea

In today’s highly competitive Marine & Offshore industry, staying profitable means big changes. There is a clear need to rethink processes, to be smart and connected at all levels of the value creation chain. DELMIA provides a business process experience with shipyard layout, planning, manufacturing, and operations.

Optimized Production for Sea

Marine & Offshore is ready to embrace digital transformation to achieve new efficiencies. By integrating design, engineering, simulation, manufacturing and business processes in a single collaborative environment, you can address the challenges of Marine & Offshore manufacturers.

Industry Solutions for Transportation and Logistics

Maritime Logistics

Access to real-time data company-wide enables your planners and managers make timely, profitable decisions consistently. Decision support capabilities provide planners with fast calculations, suggestions, alerts, and intuitive visualizations. This allows them to shift their focus from data processing to quality planning and increasing value for their customers through differentiated service offerings.

Ports & Terminals

Get comprehensive logistics planning support from a solution configured to fit your business’ complex rules and constraints such as draft capacity, equipment capabilities and performance reliability, to ensure that every activity and resource is optimized to meet your customers' specific needs.