Learn Anywhere, Improve Everywhere


Is your organization maximizing manufacturing operational efficiencies?

DELMIA’s Learn Anywhere, Improve Everywhere solution for the Industrial Equipment Industry allows you to see into manufacturing operations to drive higher aggregate performance, with real-time visualization of operational status and performance metrics from a “single source of truth.”

Reduce Variability and Optimize Best Practices

DELMIA’s Industrial Equipment Learn Anywhere, Improve Everywhere solution improves visibility and control of manufacturing operations, both in and across plants, to improve decision making and alignment with business performance targets. Information is made available quickly, with sufficient granularity and context to empower managers to make better decisions, faster. Able to mine data from disparate system sources and normalize into information, it renders contextualized intelligence to shop floor workers, managers and executives across the global operations organization.

DELMIA’s Learn Anywhere, Improve Everywhere solution supports the Ready to Make Industry Solution Experience, by simplifying operations to efficiently manufacture on demand.

DELMIA’s Learn Anywhere, Improve Everywhere Solution brings the following highlights:

  • Timely, consistent and unified views of your manufacturing operations to facilitate performance comparisons across locations
  • Closed-loop framework for rapid deployment and centralized management of key company metrics
  • Out-of-the-box analytics, KPIs, dashboards and reports
  • Plant performance reporting support and centralized intelligence for plant-to-plant analysis
  • Fact-based, contextualized data delivered to both fixed and mobile devices

Learn Anywhere, Improve Everywhere User Experience

DELMIA’s Learn Anywhere, Improve Everywhere solution brings the following benefits:

  • Accelerates operational adjustments and continuous improvement actions based on timely, accurate and consistent data
  • Improves agility and responsiveness by providing near real-time performance intelligence to all functional levels on-demand
  • Increases product quality through consistent and coherent analysis of all shop floor processes
  • Accelerates deployment and acceptance by manufacturing professionals, increasing overall return on investment
  • Drives complex collaborative decision support scenarios tailored for manufacturing operations