Digital Manufacturing Engineering


Is your organization struggling with how to produce smarter and faster with connected plants, machines, people and customers?

DELMIA’s Digital Manufacturing Engineering solution for the Industrial Equipment Industry enables customers to plan what to produce separate from how to produce and independent from where to produce.

Effectively Utilize Local Manufacturing Assets, Anywhere

DELMIA’s Industrial Equipment Digital Manufacturing Engineering solution enables global teams to collaboratively plan and implement multi-site production for the most complex product portfolios. By enabling global reuse of manufacturing best practices, while leveraging local excellence, it allows companies to serve their customers effectively and efficiently.

Manufacturers are able to benefit from maintaining the highest flexibility of production operations. DELMIA Industrial Equipment Digital Manufacturing Engineering allows companies to plan multi-product, multi-line, and multi-plant to help ensure product and production diversity. They are able to flexibly assign production capacities to their varying needs and demands. In addition, with seamless digital continuity, companies have reliable, consistent and up-to-date information for the basis of their planning decisions.

DELMIA’s Digital Manufacturing Engineering solution supports the Ready to Make Industry Solution Experience, by simplifying operations to efficiently manufacture on demand.

DELMIA’s Digital Manufacturing Engineering Users:

  • Project Manager
  • Process Planner
  • Final Assembly Validation Engineer
  • Work Instruction Designer
  • NC Programmer
  • Robot Programmer

Digital Manufacturing Engineering User Experience

DELMIA’s Digital Manufacturing Engineering solution brings the following benefits:

  • Maximum flexibility to fully utilize globally distributed production resources
  • Capture, standardize and reuse proven manufacturing practices and business know-how
  • Flexible disposition of production capabilities
  • Reliable and efficient machine tool and robot programming
  • Manage costs and minimize risk
  • Efficient timing from customer order to delivery