Any Product, Any Plant


Is your organization focused on how to efficiently manage “Order of One” complexity across global assembly operations?

DELMIA’s Any Product, Any Plant solution for the Industrial Equipment Industry enables discrete product manufacturers to precisely and uniformly manage all operational elements within and across plants to support customer-specific build combinations.

Achieve Best-in-Class Product Quality Through Consistently Applied Processes

DELMIA’s Industrial Equipment Any Product, Any Plant solution unifies and standardizes production, quality and material management across the enterprise while accommodating multiple manufacturing models such as batch, hybrid and complex discrete. It easily adapts to different manufacturing environments: simple or complex, small or large, high or low volume.

As an enterprise solution, it enables manufacturers to define, control and optimize operations across multiple sites and functions, while still accommodating site-specific extensions. Global manufacturers that operate in the Industrial Equipment industry are enabled to respond quickly to strategy shifts, changing market conditions and unexpected events.

DELMIA’s Any Product, Any Plant solution supports the Ready to Make Industry Solution Experience, by simplifying operations to efficiently manufacture on demand.

DELMIA’s Any Product, Any Plant Solution brings the following highlights:

  • Creates a global platform for “Order of One” support by enabling multiple manufacturing models, across any geography and with varying levels of manufacturing automation
  • Provides directive processes to support receiving, put away, picking, line replenishment and FG (Finished Goods) shipping
  • Supports complex assembly triggers including concurrent sub-assembly and kitting operations aligned to mainline assembly to synchronize production flow
  • Closed loop communication between design and engineering
  • Consistently applies and enforces quality processes, with real-time visibility delivered to users from the plant floor to the executive office

Any Product, Any Plant User Experience

DELMIA's Any Product Any Plant solution brings the following benefits:

  • Improved manufacturing efficiency and market responsiveness; drives agile operations to reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction
  • Increased asset performance and utilization, with decreased inventory levels and costs
  • Increased on-time, on-specification delivery performance of complex customer orders based on precise, up-to-date build information
  • Increased plant throughput while expanding product lines and achieving streamlined inventory flow
  • Introduction of product innovations are accelerated on a global scale with higher initial quality and faster ramp-up
  • Collaborative problem-solving horizontally across, and vertically up, the organization drives faster issue resolution