Industrial Equipment

Manufacture any Product, Anywhere with Agility

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is seeing growing technology trends such as automation, IoT, AI, machine learning and cloud computing, significantly impacting Industrial Equipment manufacturers. These emerging technologies provide advanced and disruptive Industrial Equipment solutions that support the creation, production and delivery of innovative machinery, equipment, components and after-sales servicing support.

DELMIA’s solutions for Industrial Equipment help engineering and manufacturing companies rise to the occasion and transform for operational excellence. Powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, our comprehensive solution portfolio covers all aspects of Industrial Engineering, Manufacturing & Operations and Planning & Optimization. This enables Industrial Equipment manufacturers to define, control and optimize their manufacturing and supply chain operations across multiple sites and business models.

Manufacturing & Operations can drive “production of one” operations at lower costs and validate operational processes and work instructions virtually. Manufacturers can achieve real-time visibility, control and synchronization of global production performance and quality compliance to ensure continuity across as-designed, as-built and as-maintained product configurations. DELMIA’s Planning & Optimization solutions deliver comprehensive supply chain and operations planning, scheduling and optimization capabilities at all levels—from the assembly line to the overall value network to post production maintenance and servicing. Users can optimize inventory management, material handling, demand forecasting and more to reduce lead times and consistently deliver products at the right time and place.

Ready to Make Address complex global and local manufacturing challenges with Ready to Make. The solution delivers optimized planning, Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) and a virtual environment to engineer processes for continuous improvement. Powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, Ready to Make provides manufactures the flexibility and agility to respond efficiently and quickly to changing market needs or supply chain disruptions. With full traceability and the ability to share and reuse best practices across multiple sites, they can plan digitally and drive improved production.

Integrated Heavy Machinery The heavy machinery sector is challenged to produce smarter, regulation-compliant and safe machines. With this comes market expectations for sustainable digital transformations and innovations in many new technologies. Dassault Systèmes’ Integrated Heavy Machinery solution helps machine manufacturers simplify operations, leveraging true digital continuity with a single source of truth and real-time collaboration. It facilitates best-in-class machine design and manufacturing and improved development of breakthrough technologies for unprecedented innovations.

Keep Them Running This industry solution experience places service at the forefront of Industrial Equipment development. Manufacturers can develop new service offerings to increase revenue—based on machine output or uptime.

Thanks to end-to-end digital continuity, manufacturers can ensure service operations are accounted for during early design stages and provide clear, up-to-date maintenance instructions tailored to a customer’s installation. Delivering predictive maintenance to reduce equipment downtime and boost operating performance, resulting in satisfied customers.

Simplified Smart Equipment helps Industrial Equipment companies accelerate the goal of producing reliable, smart products faster and more efficiently. It covers the end-to-end product development process, with interfaces for integration of customer legacy tools.

Based on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, the solution helps develop and validate multi-discipline systems, with a conceptual and configurable system using a model-based system engineering approach. It integrates unique environment applications to manage requirements, functional and logical architecture, behavior simulation, safety and quality.

Single Source for Speed is a data-driven, model-based product backbone offering digital continuity and governance capabilities in a single repository—from product engineering and manufacturing to service and maintenance. With it, manufacturing companies can capitalize knowledge, intensify collaboration, improve productivity and stimulate innovation. This creates a flexible yet robust environment that facilitates decision-making, reduces costs and accelerates time to market. Single Source for Speed, based on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, ensures that up-to-date holistic product data is accessible across all group sites, engineering disciplines, production and service.

SMARTYRE Based on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, SMARTYRE enables tire manufacturers to accurately focus on the integrated design and simulation environment, manufacturing operations and materials management. Tire manufacturers will be able to command a global presence with SMARTYRE—from design to industrialization, manufacturing execution to service and operations, everywhere. They can facilitate a closed loop that removes enterprise friction and facilitates innovation, connecting the dots between material science, tire engineering and manufacturing.

Concurrent Equipment Engineering Achieve the digital continuity you need to manage all engineering, simulation and manufacturing information consistently. Built on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, Concurrent Equipment Engineering improves collaboration and accelerates the pace of operations by breaking the information silos between these and other business disciplines. From design and engineering to simulation and manufacturing, Concurrent Equipment Engineering links all engineering disciplines together in the same environment with a bi-directional flow of digital information.

Digital Equipment Continuity Adopting new technology can seem overwhelming and cost prohibitive, particularly for small to medium companies. Level the playing field with Digital Equipment Continuity, a data-driven collaboration platform providing digital continuity across the entire value chain. Based on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, it enables Industrial Equipment companies to transform from file-based to a data-driven product structure. They can shift from a standalone product portfolio to service-based offerings to better support customer engagements and increase revenue.