Construction, Cities & Territories

Optimize for Reliable, Safe and Sustainable Operations

DELMIA provides the capabilities you need to keep your cities and territories running reliably, safely and sustainably. Intelligent planning and record-breaking optimization, when applied to real-time data, equip stakeholders with support and insights to make the right planning decisions across all time horizons.

For contractors seeking innovative ways to maximize efficiency, DELMIA provides real-time tracking capabilities, lean construction methodologies, modular construction, smart logistics and value-stream mapping to help reduce waste and ensure on-time delivery of projects. For those in the businesses of infrastructure and public transport, DELMIA’s solutions enable you to innovate while optimizing your value chains in an environmentally and socially sustainable way.

With DELMIA, you can confidently face the urban challenges of tomorrow to bring to residents, workers and visitors the quality of life, growth and opportunities they deserve.

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