Architecture, Engineering & Construction

Optimize for Reliable, Safe and Sustainable Operations

Technology is connecting almost everything we see. This phenomenon is particularly evident in the way we construct the modern built environment. Rising urban populations around the world have ushered in the concept of Smart Cities. These Smart Cities are envisioned with digital innovations in mind—ones that are able to address long-standing urban challenges. The related construction boom has put increasing demands on teams in constructions and architecture.  Architects and engineers are pressured to deliver concepts that satisfy and solve a range of issues for multiple stakeholders. Not only are they expected to build structures and designs beautifully, they also need to design them for long-term sustainability.

With the proliferation of digital connectivity, what are our priorities for advancing the built environment? A lot of consideration will need to be put on how our processes and systems will enable us to efficiently create comfortable, beautiful, dynamic and sustainable structures and cities. It will rely on leveraging collaboration on the cloud, 4D simulation, 4D BIM models, automation, digital continuity and virtual environments. These capabilities will enable the transformation of traditional construction processes that design and deliver our buildings, civil infrastructure and cities. All teams large and small operating in Construction, Cities & Territories will have to meet these requirements to survive and thrive in the future.

Safe, Reliable and Sustainable Construction

DELMIA solutions provide the capabilities you need to keep your cities and territories running reliably, safely and sustainably. Our solutions for Construction, Cities & Territories incorporate intelligent planning and record-breaking optimization to solve today’s toughest industry challenges. When applied to real-time data, stakeholders are equipped with support and insights to make the right planning decisions across all time horizons.

For contractors seeking innovative ways to maximize efficiency, DELMIA solutions provide construction simulation, real-time tracking capabilities, lean construction methodologies, modular construction, smart logistics and value-stream mapping. These work to help reduce waste and ensure on-time delivery of projects. For those in the businesses of infrastructure and public transport, DELMIA solutions enable you to innovate while optimizing your value chains in an environmentally and socially sustainable way. Building materials sourcing, building information modeling, construction activities and a variety of other design and construction processes can be optimized. Leveraging rich virtual universes, planners can create 3D models of entire cities, taking into account all forms of constraints in order to perfect the virtual design before building it in the real world. This greatly aids in forming an integrated project delivery that is both efficient in execution and waste minimization.

In addition, your teams across the board will benefit immensely from DELMIA’s solutions as they support supply chain planning and workforce planning. Our solutions enable you to plan and optimize your supply chain from end to end. You will gain the control and insights you need to transform supply chain planning from a cost center to a revenue generator. Enterprise-wide KPIs can be clearly defined, allowing you to align each business function to those goals. You can also incorporate employee preferences to increase satisfaction and retention.

Leveraging our Manufacturing and Transportation Infrastructure solutions for Construction, Cities & Territories, you will be able to deliver these significant sustainable benefits:

  • Deliver on-time and on-budget through on-site to off-site construction optimization
  • Reduced modular construction time by 70%
  • Project completion ahead of schedule by 3 months
  • Move beyond a static model and show how the building components will be assembled together
  • Connect the value chain through all suppliers and subcontractors, to optimize deliveries and minimize bottlenecks on the job site

Optimized Construction

DELMIA Construction, Cities & Territories solutions provide real-time tracking capabilities, lean construction methodologies, modular construction, smart logistics and value-stream mapping to help reduce waste and ensure on-time delivery of projects.