Producibility & Maintainability

Manufacturing and Maintenance Flexibility


Can your business adjust to changing economic models that shift value, risk and responsibilities to the supply chain?

DELMIA's Producibility and Maintainability solution can transform existing business models into "turnkey" offerings that enable OEMs to share, monitor and integrate program deliverables.

Increase Manufacturing and Maintenance Flexibility

DELMIA’s Aerospace and Defense Producibility and Maintainability solution enables companies to validate the design in terms of manufacturability and maintainability. By prototyping virtual builds in parallel with the design maturation, designers are able to identity manufacturing or maintenance issues early on, while the cost of change is still low.

Manufacturing and Maintenance Engineers can interactively create assembly simulation scenarios of single parts or assemblies being installed. Ergonomic analysis, such as reachability for different populations around the world, result in a lower potential for injury and a reduction in unnecessary costs associated with labor.

DELMIA Aerospace & Defense Producibility & Maintainability Users:

  • Maintenance Engineers
  • Manufacturing Engineers

Maintenance Engineer

Manufacturing Engineer