Fabricate to Specification

Does your business struggle with maintaining the manufacturing quality of increasingly complex aerospace parts?

DELMIA’s Fabrication solution defines repeatable manufacturing plans for the usage of parts to produce each as-specified part, per the desired production schedule. 

Repeatable Manufacturing Plans to Fabricate to Specification

DELMIA's Aerospace and Defense Fabrication solution is an industry-proven approach which facilitates true design and manufacturing planning, in context within a collaborative environment, across the extended enterprise.

Manufacturing and Lead Engineers can define repeatable manufacturing plans for the manufacturing of elementary parts. The as-specified parts can be produced per the desired production schedule, considering make-buy decisions, supplier specifications and cost targets. Users can consume and validate all key characteristics and requirements for the part, design tooling and fixtures for the manufacturing resources. 

DELMIA Aerospace & Defense Fabrication Users:

  • Manufacturing Engineers
  • Process Planners
  • NC Programmers
  • Robot Programmers

Process Planner

Manufacturing Engineer

NC Programmer