Composite Production and Quality Control

Unique Real-time Detection

Are your composite processes continually monitored to identify areas of improvements?

DELMIA’s Composite Production and Quality Control Solution delivers an infrastructure to facilitate corrective and preventive action on composite production quality issues.

Unique Real-time Detection and Avoidance of Quality Risks

DELMIA’s Composite Production & Quality Control is an industry proven approach which facilitates corrective and preventive actions for composite production quality issues, through a unique real-time detection based on analysis of historical shop floor data and discovery of rules validated by experts.

  • Remove UNPREDICTABILITY - Analyze your shop floor data to discover hidden root causes of previously unexplained voids and delamination defects
  • Formalize your MANUFACTURING KNOW HOW - Capture best practices in natural language rules for clear recommendations to shop floor workers during real time execution
  • Scale up PRODUCTION VOLUME - Monitor shop floor data to quantify risk of defect and proactively prevent scrap and rework

DELMIA Aerospace & Defense Composite and Quality Control Users:

  • Quality Engineers

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Quality Engineer