Build to Rate

Certify as You Build

Does your organization struggle with how to achieve compliance with pertinent rules and regulations?

DELMIA’s Build to Rate solution for the Aerospace and Defense Industry enables organizations to increase efficiency of non-conformance resolution with unified engineering and manufacturing change management.

Certify as You Build

DELMIA’s Build to Rate solution delivers a suite of proven and scalable inventory, quality and production operation systems that enables Aerospace and Defense OEMs, as well as Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers, to optimize their shop floor and warehouse processes. Enabled by synchronized tasking of activities, engineering and quality data, companies improve operational efficiency to scale production. With full traceability of all major assemblies, sub-assemblies, and parts, companies are able to increase efficiency of non-conformance resolution and minimize the risk of installing defective components.

DELMIA’s Build to Rate Solution supports the Build to Operate Industry Solution Experience, by meeting production targets earlier and more efficiently, while liberating manufacturing capacity.

DELMIA's Build to Rate solution brings the following highlights:

Dispatching and monitoring

  • Generate shop orders for any given configuration

Lean Production Execution

  • Assures work is performed in the correct order


  • Common platform for bi-directional collaboration between manufacturing and engineering


  • Synchronizes warehouse and production inventories with orders

Traceability, Genealogy and Containment

  • Workflow driven notification across the enterprise and into the supply chain

Build to Rate User Experiences

DELMIA's Build to Rate Solution brings the following benefits:

  • Accurate, just-in-time 3D work and textual instructions
  • Improved accuracy of work orders, even for complex conditions
  • Reduced rework and quality defects due to failure to perform required tasks, failure to obtain required approvals, or failure to collect required data
  • Rapidly isolate non-conforming product anywhere in the supply network
  • Accelerate product certification