How to Optimize In-Flight services for Competitiveness


In the world of aviation, passenger experience is key and passenger expectations are ever increasing. Competition in airline catering is intensifying with new market entrants providing similar services at lower costs.

Planning complexity for hospitality in aviation is compounded by frequent last-minute changes in flight schedules and gate assignments, which in turn affect travel time and delivery sequences.

Speed and flexibility have become crucial factors in delivering high-quality service to airlines. The right technology will allow you to improve the utilization of materials and resources, increase productivity and structure better commercial agreements with customers.

DELMIA Quintiq provides the tools for fast decision-making by taking into account the reality of today as well as your goals for the future:

Resource Utilization

Optimize the utilization of resources and reduce the risk of disruptions to delivery sequences.

Service Level Agreement

Ensure that you provide consistent service levels to airlines, regardless of increased service demands and last-minute preference indication of passengers.

Bids & Contracts

Use "what if" scenarios to determine the effect of a bid on your business goals.