Minimize Costs, Increase Service Levels

Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) is a crucial part of airline safety. Whether it’s planned maintenance or ad hoc repairs, it is vital that airlines make optimum use of their aircraft. Year round, airlines must maintain a delicate balance between operational efficiency and operational flexibility, and have the ability to run ad hoc flight operations.

DELMIA Quintiq provides the solution for fast decision-making and optimized resource utilization, letting you optimize your maintenance slots, respond effectively to disruptions and much more. Built to fit your organization 100%, the solution optimizes your operations according to your rules and constraints. You'll benefit from being able to align your maintenance plan with transportation and workforce requirements.

Key features and benefits include:

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Resource Utilization

Optimize the utilization of equipment and technicians. Ensure your supply chain for spare parts runs smoothly. Improve turnaround time of airplanes and free up extra capacity for additional commercial services.

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Complex Workforce Planning and Scheduling

Create optimal plans and schedules no matter how complex your organization. Adhere to all regulations and constraints, while taking into account employee preferences. Ensure that capacity is managed for training.

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Optimization of Maintenance Slots

Use advanced simulation capabilities to optimize your scheduled maintenance operations on a strategic level, while maintaining the flexibility to perform ad hoc repairs.