Aerospace & Defense

Reaching New Heights in Program Success

In the highly competitive world of Aerospace & Defense, how can companies plan for success, navigate disruption, satisfy customers and soar past the competition? The secret lies in seamlessly moving between virtual and real worlds to quickly adapt and respond to external changes, demands and disruptions. For over 20 years, DELMIA solutions have facilitated operational excellence and cutting-edge innovation in industry-leading companies. This ranges from aircraft, propulsion and component manufacturing companies to operators and service providers in the global aviation industry.

To reach new heights and speed in operational excellence, companies in the Aerospace & Defense industry are adopting digital transformation. This allows them to expand their service offerings, optimize production processes and analyze the value chain to become agile and responsive. Agility and responsiveness are essential in the face of strong competition and the impact of global disruptions, as well as to fulfill the demands of an ever-changing marketplace, increasing regulatory requirements and evolving customer expectations. Companies need to adapt to demand fluctuations while continuously improving quality and sustainability, lowering costs, ensuring worker health and safety and delivering on time.

DELMIA provides the Aerospace & Defense industry with innovative solutions to navigate complexity and improve the planning and execution of operations. Our solutions empower manufacturers, operators and service providers to Collaborate, Model, Optimize and Perform for continuous improvement of activities, processes and products. Closing the loop between virtual- and real-world production and operations drives the creation of more efficient plans that deliver on business targets and enable the path to operational excellence.

Industry Solutions for Manufacturing

Build to Operate

Accelerate meeting production targets and increase manufacturing capacity with the Build to Operate industry solution experience. Powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, it offers aerospace OEMs and suppliers the ability to implement lean practices, integrate new technologies and meet demand without sacrificing quality or schedule. Furthermore, Build to Operate provides manufacturing management with a real-time view of plant status, which significantly improves their control of manufacturing operations.

Ready for Rate

Ready for Rate provides engineering and manufacturing planning stakeholders real-time access to accurate product and product build information to advance manufacturing ramp-up and improve quality. It facilitates flexible production while delivering products with first-time quality—on budget and on schedule. Aerospace manufacturers can implement lean practices to remove waste in critical manufacturing areas. Leveraging the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, planners can define and validate manufacturing processes down to individual work instructions virtually to eliminate potential issues and waste.  

Engineered to Fly

From bid to delivery, Engineered to Fly helps small and medium Aerospace & Defense suppliers grow their business profitably. Connecting the dots with the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform reduces complexity, enabling suppliers to develop new bids, collaborate during product development and facilitate manufacturing ramp-up. They can achieve higher margins with the ability to reduce design time; identify issues early to increase quality, reduce the number of duplicate parts and optimize for manufacturing.   

Reinvent the Sky

Reinvent the Sky supports startups, small and medium enterprises and OEMs in developing disruptive solutions. The 3DEXPERIENCE® platform on the cloud enables to optimize program execution, simulate the product and connect the dots, resulting in reduced complexity and quality assurance during product development. The solution facilitates better collaboration across functional teams (from engineering to supplier management), lowers IT costs and scales with project maturity and company cash flow.

Keep Them Operating

Powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, Keep Them Operating helps improve the spare part, support and service engineering and MRO businesses for a competitive advantage. This integrated solution gathers, aligns and enriches digital data continuity to deliver that information the way users want to receive it—whether internal or external, structured or unstructured, simple or complex. It improves business processes, optimizes parts availability, anticipates potential issues and integrates value streams to facilitate real-time teamwork.  

Industry Solutions for Aviation Operations

Airport Operations

In airport management, plans change, disruptions occur—but your focus on the safety, security and comfort of everyone in your airport remains the same. DELMIA provides solutions to help you zero in on this goal. With Airport Resource Planning, you can improve and optimize the allocation of equipment, from aircraft stands to check-in counters, to increase airport efficiency, reliability and passenger satisfaction. DELMIA Airport Ground Operations Planning enables efficient crew utilization. It helps create robust, flexible operations plans that can be monitored against disturbances and help reduce workforce costs and satisfy employees, while complying with labor and union laws. 

Airline Operations

Success in the airline business is determined by the interplay of many factors. At the same time, airline services are expected to be reliable and timely—anything less results in unhappy customers. Rise to the challenge and manage all aspects of airline planning across multiple planning horizons with DELMIA. Assign aircraft types to flight schedules, optimize the assignment of specific aircrafts to routes and make long-term strategic decisions on destinations. DELMIA Crew Planning and Scheduling supports comprehensive crew planning, facilitating the creation of plans that take into consideration employee preferences, skill sets and licensing and safety standards. 

Air Traffic Control

Air navigation service providers (ANSP) deal with a host of challenges, from strict workforce agreements, and ever-increasing regulations to fluctuating traffic volumes and shortages of skilled controllers. Staffing to traffic volume is the key to achieving safety and efficiency in airspace management. But it is also crucial to have a workforce that is well-trained and qualified. DELMIA Air Traffic Control planning and optimization helps ANSPs ensure that the right person is placed at the right position and time to achieve the most cost-effective use of air traffic controllers (ATCOs)—while ensuring safety and ATCO satisfaction. 

Aviation Catering Services

Passenger experience is key and passengers today expect more. Competition in airline catering is intensifying with new market entrants providing similar services at lower costs. Frequent last-minute changes in flight schedules and gate assignments affect travel time and delivery sequences, which in turn increase planning complexity for aviation hospitality. Speed and flexibility are crucial in delivering high-quality service to airlines. With DELMIA solutions for Aviation Catering Services, you can improve the utilization of materials and resources, increase productivity and structure better commercial agreements with customers. Make swift decisions that take into account today’s reality as well as your future goals.

Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO)

One of the most critical challenges for airlines is maximizing aircraft utilization. Any ground time can be considered a threat and could result in financial losses. Additionally, Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) is a crucial part of airline safety. Airlines must maintain the delicate balance between operational efficiency and operational flexibility, and be able to run ad hoc flight operations.

DELMIA’s MRO solution drives fast decision-making and enables you to optimize your maintenance slots, respond effectively to disruptions and utilize your crew and resources efficiently. It optimizes your operations according to your rules and constraints so you can align your maintenance plan with all complex transportation and workforce requirements.