DELMIA Ortems Synchronized Requirements Planner


Orchestrate Your Capacity and Material Flow

DELMIA Ortems Synchronized Requirements Planner provides the material flow and capacity synchronization system that enables Just-in-Time (JIT) demand and manufacturing integration across all Bill of Materials (BOM) levels. This helps to optimize inventory and manufacturing capacity.

Synchronize Purchase and Work Orders to Avoid Missing Parts

Using a multi-level BOM approach, Synchronized Requirements Planner accelerates flow lines by synchronizing both purchase and work orders starting from raw materials, to semi-finished, to finished products—placing constraints related to inventory and available raw materials on the schedule.

Create Provisional Traceability

Synchronized Requirements Planner creates pegging links between semi-finished and finished product work orders, working with DELMIA Ortems Production Scheduler and DELMIA Ortems Manufacturing Planner to balance loads and accelerate flow lines.

Advanced Planning & Scheduling

DELMIA Ortems Advanced Planning and Scheduling solutions successfully complement the traditional ERP systems and SCM management systems. They add the power of constraint-based finite-capacity resource optimization, and synchronization of production flows – from raw materials through finished products.

Synchronized Requirements Planner Key Benefits:

  • Reduce buffer inventory
  • Multi-level BOM synchronization
  • Calculate finite capacity requirements
  • Analyze impact across manufacturing
  • Dynamic customer-to-supplier traceability
  • Improve customer service and lead-time reliability
  • Synchronize materials and works