DELMIA Ortems Production Scheduler

Scheduling for Agile Manufacturing

Production Scheduling & Integrated Management

DELMIA Ortems Production Scheduler offers detailed scheduling and integrated management of product and process related constraints across multiple resources such as machines, tools, and operators. Part of the DELMIA portfolio, Production Scheduler provides short-term optimization capabilities for Made-to-Order or inventory-based production flows for manufacturers.

DELMIA Production Scheduling solution uses its configurable optimization engine and basic criteria to improve production sequences and dispatching over the various plant resources, enabling users to reduce changeover times, raw material inventory, and work-in-process.

Collaborate, Anticipate and Control

DELMIA Ortems Production Scheduler increases agility through improved control and responsiveness during production fluctuations and changes in demand. Collaborative features enable supply chain participants to stay engaged based on their level of responsibility. Production Scheduler’s innovative and user-friendly design helps teams anticipate and control load fluctuations.

Advanced Planning & Scheduling

DELMIA Ortems Advanced Planning and Scheduling solutions successfully complements the traditional ERP systems and SCM management systems. They add the power of constraint-based finite-capacity resource optimization, and synchronization of production flows – from raw materials through finished products.

Production Scheduler Key Benefits:

  • Decrease cycle time and WIP
  • Enhance customer service and lead-time reliability
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Create schedules faster
  • Easily integrate into ERP system
  • Improve agility even with unexpected shop floor events