Advanced Planning and Scheduling Fills the Gaps in Your ERP

Add An Integrated APS to Your ERP

With the pace of manufacturing continuing to accelerate it is time to extend legacy ERP architecture. Success in today's manufacturing environment demands:

  • Shorter production cycle times to meet market needs
  • Faster turnarounds to maximize efficiency
  • Shorter product lives as technology continues to drive rapid change
  • The ability to meet emerging competition from new sectors

Parallel to the changes in manufacturing, the expectations and needs of your customers are also rapidly evolving. Today’s customers expect that you can provide them with:

  • Faster production response times 
  • Higher customer service levels
  • Customized solutions that meet the needs for their products
  • New products to meet their future needs

Meeting these challenges requires that you maximize results from your ERP platform. You need to increase your flexibility, improve your efficiency and accelerate your speed. All of this requires an increase in collaboration throughout your organization. Integrating your ERP solution with Advanced Panning and Scheduling can help you respond to these challenges and take advantage of new opportunities.

ERP Planning

Implementing an Advanced Planning and Scheduling solution that integrates with your ERP will significantly improve manufacturing performance. Key benefits include creation of a single source of data that can be easily shared throughout the organization. This results in substantial timesavings that can be used to focus on higher value tasks such as reviewing exceptions and performance against KPIs.

An integrated APS provides actionable real-time data that can be used by your entire organization. This will improve manufacturing optimization and your ability to respond to constraints and contingencies. With an integrated Advanced Planning and Scheduling solution:

  • Data is automatically digitally transferred which makes sharing and collaboration simple
  • ERP-based planning is dynamically connected to other critical systems such as MPS, MOM, PLM
  • Data is real-time which enables efficient planning and resolution for constraints and contingencies

Connecting your ERP with a digital APS solution gives you a single source of data that will help optimize your manufacturing processes. APS solutions integrate directly with your ERP system to improve your overall planning and results.

DELMIA Ortems Advanced Planning & Scheduling

DELMIA Ortems Advanced Planning and Scheduling solution seamlessly connects all of your critical manufacturing data to your ERP and lets you plan and schedule in real-time. Our APS fills in the functional gaps of your ERP and allows you to:

  • Optimize your customer service with real-time data
  • Facilitate demand-driven production with accurate materials and labor forecasts
  • Increase your speed to market
  • Decrease your operating costs with better asset utilization
  • Enable finite capacity planning based on actual plant and supply chain conditions
  • Simulate scenarios in the plant and the supply chain to identify the best possible outcome before taking action
  • Increase interdepartmental teamwork by providing a single source of data for planning and scheduling

Visual Interface Configurator: Simple, Easy, Integration

Integrating DELMIA Ortems APS solution to your ERP is simple and seamless with our Visual Interface Configurator (VIC). Included with DELMIA Ortems APS, VIC is a graphical interface that is compatible with all major ERP systems including SQL, Oracle and ODBC. VIC allows teams to quickly and easily integrate all systems. And, it even works with custom ERP integrations.

ERP and APS integration is accomplished via VIC without the need for custom programming. This makes the solution faster, less expensive and easier to deploy and maintain. System upgrades are easy to make and the integration is easy to duplicate on test, qualification and production servers. This makes transferring the integration to a new production facility a simple exercise.

ERP integration is monitored with the VIC Runtime module. Your teams will receive daily email updates on how the interface is operating as well as key dashboard data.

How DELMIA Ortems Can Help You

Integrating DELMIA Ortems to your ERP system gives you powerful real-time data that is connected to critical manufacturing and supply chain functions. The Advanced Planning and Scheduling solution gives you the power to directly improve your manufacturing results by:

  • Meeting your target production dates
  • Reducing your lead time for supplies and production runs
  • Lowering your raw materials and Work-in-Process inventories
  • Saving time on production cycles and line changes
  • Improving supply chain agility and coordination

What DELMIA Ortems APS users have to say:

The tool meets all of our needs and our operating constraints.

Frédéric Marcotte Novares Supply Chain Director

We reduced our production lead time by 50%, shrinking production delivery from 90 to only 45 days. This enabled us to optimize our production capacity, increase our ability to process new orders, including those linked to specific campaigns, and to expand sales throughout the country.

Onesia Liotto Director of Rosa Maria