United States Brand: DELMIA
Solution: SMB
Industry: Industrial Equipment

A leading manufacturer of diesel and gas engines drives greater production efficiency. Watch the video below !

The Challenge

As an industry leading global power provider operating in approximately 190 countries, Cummins understands the complexity of today’s innovation cadence when planning and managing their growth. 

Dassault Systèmes Response

Watch the video below and learn how Cummins has achieved a common manufacturing platform while adapting easily to each plant’s local needs. Operators are more motivated, data is more accessible and actionable, and both throughput and quality have increased, thanks to the DELMIA Apriso solution.


  • Throughput improved by 25 percent from increased operational efficiency
  • Integration to existing ERP and PLM systems has been streamlined, resulting in greater agility and responsiveness
  • Retired a 20+ year old legacy application, resulting in reduced IT support costs
  • Achieved zero defects to key customers for months at a time

Watch the video