Microwave Filter & Components applications

EM Solutions


A range of electromagnetic solvers are available for the simulation of microwave filters and components.

The Time Domain solver is the perfect solution for broadband traveling-wave components like transmission lines and transitions, as well as highpass/lowpass filters.

When it comes to highly resonant structures, such as bandpass filters and diplexers, the Frequency Domain solver provides great benefits in terms of the simulation accuracy versus speed. Furthermore, it features unique technologies such as the moving mesh, which is important for the mitigation of numerical noise generated by changes in the discretization. It also offers a model order reduction method that is very fast, even in calculating broadband results.

Waveguide ports can be used to excite any type of transmission line and force specific modal distributions. They can also serve as a useful tool in the analysis of transversal modes of arbitrary conducting shapes.

The modeling and analysis of devices with different components or complex building blocks, such as multiplexers, can be simplified by the use of the System Assembly & Modeling. This allows for quick assemblies as well as the analysis/optimization of the individual parts within the larger system – for example the feeding network of an antenna. To that end, Fest3D offers dedicated and very efficient solver technology for the simulation of waveguide structures.